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October Titles // 2019

This month was rough on reading. This lovely stack above just couldn't compete with all of my obligations that really started up in October, including co-op with the kids, and honing my homeschool support group's ski + snowboard registration files before releasing them on Oct. 30th (and alllll the communication that will need to happen between now and February). That last one alone takes up at least a cumulative hour of my day, perhaps more, until early December. 
I only was able to finish one of those books up top, but two are thisclose to being finished, and the other two are at least half-way, so perhaps November will look better for the reading list!

*Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens - This was a book club pick that was just pure delight to read. It was a very hyped-up book but the lushness of the setting (southern marshland) was just so lovely to read through. It's about a little girl who is abandoned by family and learns to survive in the backwoods swampland, a…
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September TItles // 2019

A piece by local artist on display at the Peachland Visitor Center's gallery

Surprisingly, for the first month of school, I got quite a few excellent reads in! I was able to finish two out of three book club picks (Sept-Nov.) this month and two that I had wanted to read for awhile. The kids and I read a few really excellent books this month, as well.  After the final book club pick that I still am working through (hoping to be done by the end of this week), I'll have roughly 2.5 months to read my own thing again. I can usually really pick up the speed once those are out of the way, since I have to stop everything and read them when they come in from the library. I'm looking forward to finally reading All the Light We Cannot See this winter; I've been waiting ages to get through this in the coziest time of year. 
*On Reading Well by Karen Swallow Prior - This book is going to be niche, but if you're a fellow literature lover, you might fall into that category. Prior…

August Titles // 2019

August books in the windowsill 
August was a bit of a lame reading month. The top picture does show quite a smaller stack than most months, and the (top) bookclub pick didn't even get picked up until September. In fact, I only finished one book this month by myself and one book with the kids as a read aloud! One of these books I read about 10 pages per day (though didn't finish it) and one I completed today, on September 1st, so you'll see it next month. In the words of Donald Trump, "SAD!"
*The Marrow Thievesby Cherie Dimaline - I can't remember where I first saw this book-more than likey at my local library on the teen shelves- but I finally read this YA Indigenous dystopian novel. How's that for a genre? I really enjoyed it. The year is 2049 and the world has gone through an apocalyptic change due to climate change, and everyone has lost the ability to dream...except the Indigenous peoples, who are on the hunt to be harvested for their dreaming ability…

July Titles // 2019

I literally can't believe I read this many books in July. Now, mind you, I probably finished three the first week that I had been reading for some time, so that feels like cheating a bit, but I found myself very busy, with a lot of restless energy, and very little desire to read especially towards the end of the month. My brain is feeling overloaded from so much. I'm specifically not planning any outings for myself or the kids the last two weeks in August because hoo-boy do I need to actually start planning our homeschool year. 

The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy - This is a memoir from a co-host of the popcast, which isn't a podcast I listen to, but a friend of mine does and she loaned me the book because hello! 80s and 90s pop culture references! It was funny and I enjoyed it but the Christianese message at the end of most chapters I found to be a bit corny.

Start From the Heart by Kathy Koch - This was a book I got from my mother-in-law at the beginning of the summer and …

June Titles // 2019

Been waiting a loooong time to read this one!
I really had no idea how many books I had actually read in June (I thought it was half of this!) until I started this blog post and realized the four I thought were from May were actually this month. What?! That might be an example why my brain feels so slow these days.  I am fully into the book, but time is passing quickly and I just can't remember when I finished what. Thank goodness for Pinterest, where I keep track of the books I want to read and those I have finished
*No Walls and the Recurring Dream by Ani DiFranco - My best girl Ani finally wrote a memoir! It only covers her first 30 years (she's close to 50 now), but it was just as good and rife with feminism and weirdness as I expected it to be. I first started listening to Ani Difranco's music in high school and I am so glad I found her, her uncontrollable guitar, and her penchant for fierce political poetical lyrics early in life. Loved this; 100% biased. 
*A Beaut…

Lukka's 12th Birthday Interview

science experiment with friends
What is your favorite color? Blue--sky or navy

Who are some of your friends? the Imoo family, the Hieberts, Zack + Dillion, Cole, Ethan, Daniel, the Goheens, Kellan
What do you want to do when you grow up? car designer and car company owner, or something to do with cars

What is your favorite animal? tigers, dogs, turtles, cats, horses

Lukka interviews a family friend in front of his co-op friends
What is your favorite thing to do with Anikka?  play chess
What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?  play video games, go swimming, play games 
Lukka loves covering himself in mud + clay at the Fraser river
What do you like to do outside?  bike ride, swim, skiing, frisbee, go to the beach

What do you like to do inside?  xbox, watch Family Matters, read, play my piano
posing for a pic at Mt. Seymour
What is your favorite food?  mac n' cheese, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, cereal, fries

What is your favorite drink?  Dr. Pepper

barely making a dent in a massive bowl…

May Titles // 2019

just a few of this month's reads!

This month was sort of a red letter one--I can't believe all that I got to read in just 31 days. Thankfully, a few of these reads were very short (I'm looking at you Juliet and Mary Ventura), but mostly I just plodded on through one chapter per day with the others (so many holds all at once!) to finish them all in a timely manner. That worked very well, especially as most of these wouldn't be page turners or ones I could sit with for long. It's a long list so let's get to it!
*Attachments by Rainbow Rowell - I LOVE Rowell's work and always sneak one of her super fun YA page turners in when I'm downright tired. This was a funny and interesting little love story that I connceted with because I know the place. Rowell is from Omaha and so I can see in my mind's eye exactly where she's talking about even if she isn't 'talking about it' with real names. The bands playing at the Sokol? I've been there …