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Our House

So as you can see a picture right below this post of our house on Washington Street, I should tell you what we've (and when I say "we", I mean Stefan has actually done the work, but I am the one directing, so I will continue to say "we") done throughout and outside of it. The front really hasn't changed. Other than there is no Easter flag waving proudly in the breeze. That was immediately removed. While we are on the subject of removing, I will tell you about our bathroom floor. We had the cutest retro floor on the planet: black and white checkerboard. I loved it when we first looked at the place, but I should have looked behind me at all the nasty footprints it likes to show just after it's been cleaned. The first year, I could tolerate it. I like to clean other peoples' houses and say to myself, "well, at least my house is cleaner than that!" but it wasn't true of our bathroom. The floor sparkled for close to a minute after …