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DPP // 15*

Ani trying out a slackline at Stanley Park back in October. 

*Scheduled DPP posts*

DPP // 14 *

A beautiful Fall sunset back in November. 

*Scheduled DPP posts*

DPP // 13 *

Quiet, clear mountain view.

*There are a few images in upcoming days that I will be posting ahead of time because I'll be unable to blog*

DPP // 12

...Little corners of play; surrounding an unseen baby... 

DPP // 11

Makers gonna make...

DPP // 10

Making lists and checking them.... off! 

DPP // 9

This float is from the little Dutch community of Lynden's Sinterklaas parade. Everything is lit up, and we literally hopped from one free food stand to the next. It was a fun night! Included with freezing temperatures were free: hot chocolate, bowls of soup, popcorn, donuts, sliders, candy canes, and cookies. These small towns know how to celebrate!

DPP // 8

Beautifully clear sunrise with the mountains from my little spot in the parking lot at the fitness center. Look at those colors! The sad thing is a photo can never do the real thing justice. 

DPP // 7

Small towns know how to celebrate holidays - free trolley rides driven by draft horses!

DPP // 6

Sunset over Blaine marina. 

DPP // 5

He's always been the one in the family most in love with the holidays. I think he takes after me. :) 

DPP // 4

We didn't have any time or inclination to cut down our own this year, but this 3 foot beauty was waiting for us outside the grocery store. It's as tall as Ani.

DPP // 3

Last drink of water before bedtime

DPP // 2

Again, I forgot to take a picture today. We were too busy living. I'll go back to one of the favorite spots in our apartment. The Christmas book nook is ready.  

DPP // 1

The last of the sun's light //  4:46PM