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August Book Titles

*50 Women Every Christian Should Know by Michelle DeRusha -- I heard the author on a podcast and the book sounded good. It was described as a book full of 5-7 page mini biographies on each woman, and that sounded both easy and interesting. It was. I really enjoyed this book and plan to give it away as a Christmas gift to someone I know will get a lot out of it. I really don't know that much about Christianity's historical females, and I felt I learned a lot. Some of the women I had never even heard of before, and it was fun to read about women I'd heard of before by name, but knew little about their lives.

*The Story of Science by Susan Wise Bauer -- Oy. This book was tough to get through. Not because the writing wasn't good (it was excellent), but because of the subject matter and my right-brain. Out of any schoolish subjects, I would rate Science as my least favorite and most difficult. I read this book because when I had the kids' school order it, I thought I w…

Nebraska Wedding Trip

Wouldn't you know it? I traveled back to Nebraska for a week of wedding, and I didn't take a single photo except a 'plane window' photo the first day, and a token 'bags in the airport' photo on the way home! I didn't take my phone because it doesn't work outside of Canada, so my photo options were limited to my ipad, which I didn't take everywhere I went, though I should have brought it along to document the wedding week lead-up. I was too busy having fun and making memories with my elementary school friends and the bride's college roomates before horsing around (literally) with my friend at her ranch, Hickory Hallow, before I flew back home.

Leading up to the wedding, most of the bridesmaids spent the nights in a suite together and the first night out (Thursday), was the bachelor/bachelorette party, in which I had the best cocktail I've ever had (a peach mojito), and the longest I've stayed awake in what feels like a decade (nearly 3AM…

Summer Break

Cultus lake on a cloudy day
This week and next I'll be away and because I have nothing but busy days, lots of 'have tos' before my upcoming trip to a friend's wedding, and quite a few obligations between here and then, I'm signing off for a week or two. Enjoy the last bits of Summer, friends!