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2 Movies and 1 Book

I have been up to my ears in projects, appointments, and field trips (more to come on that later) this week, and my nights have been rightly taken up by some good movies and a foot-rub or two. The first movie to be reviewed was a quirky little film called Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

It was a cute little movie set in the 1920's (already drool -worthy for me) and is about a girl who can't seem to get her...ahem...act together. She is dating 3-4 men and each want to marry her, yet know nothing of the others. Ms Pettigrew, her "social secretary", just happened to be a nanny who couldn't keep a job with children and is hungry for work (and literally, hasn't had a meal in awhile!). The two become friends, and a happy ending for both ensues. A charming little girlie movie, and I don't like many of those that don't include Meg Ryan! 3 stars.*The second movie I watched was called Definitely, Maybe. I must have seen this as a review for a different movie, be…


That little brown pup used to be afraid of smoke--apparently we've burned enough food in the kitchen he thinks it's a regular occurence! He sits the closest to the fire, now.
She sits anywhere Dad sits.
Little mittens by the fire, trying to dry, how sweet! Can you tell we love our cozy seasons around here?

Birth: A History, by Tina Cassidy

OK. So I know this also wasn't on the 2008 book list, but after a friend recommended The Business of Being Born, I couldn't not read this (the author is interviewed in the movie)! This book is a clear, concise history of birthing techniques, rituals, fads, etc.etc. throughout ancient history through present day. All in under 254 pages, pretty good if ya ask me!This book was very easy to read, and not for just pregnant women trying to learn all they can before babe arrives (in fact, I don't recommend reading this being pregnant, it's scary!). On a scale of 1-5, I give it a solid 3.5. It was very interesting throughout, very well written, and plainly stated the facts instead of persuading one way or another...i.e. doctor versus midwife. I appreciated that aspect, as unbiased sociology books are so hard to find! It was very much on par with a book I reviewed earlier this summer, Bonk, by Mary Roach. It was scientific, yet entertaining enough for the average reader. One…

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The small caption on the top of the book says it all, " of the Books of the Century" and that is simply not an understatement. I said in my book list post last December that I have had this book sitting on my shelf for awhile and couldn't believe that as an English major, had never had this on a syllabus before. Every single American should read this book. It is well written, with gentle irony and spectacular metaphor used throughout. The themes are timeless, and universal. It has a happy ending with a sad and long intermission.

Francie, the main character, grows up very poor in Brooklyn, New York, at the turn of the century, and the story follows her throughout her school days, first (and a succession of) part time job, and up until the day she leaves for college after the first World War has started. That, however, doesn't even come close to summing up the themes of poverty, immigration, and humanity rolled into an easy 500 pages. I thought this book would be…

Rainy Day Theatrics?

Although this wasn't taken today, I've been thinking about what to do with Lukka as the impending winter lays in the near future. This was taken at our library, and although he loves the child-size rockers, can't sit still while I try to provide a puppet show. He doesn't like to read, color, or play with anything longer than 3 minutes. Rainy days always get me because I would love to hunker down, watch a movie, snuggle and read--why doesn't my child want to do these things? It could perhaps be because he's a boy. Maybe he's just too little. Maybe our personalities are just that dissimilar. Whatever it is, I hope I can figure it out--and then find something creative to do with him--soon. In the meantime, rainy days means he might just have a longer naptime with a darkened room and the space heater on. * In other news*
As these last few weeks of our house being on the market, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not necessarily a signing over the titl…

Ah, Fall

My favorite season of the year is fall. Crisp, cold weather with sunshine to match. We've been dressing up warmly for early morning walks around Holmes Lake with the dogs. Lukka goes in the backpack and the dogs are by my sides. It really is quite a workout for 2.5 miles! At the end, I'm pooped, but Lukka just wants to play!

5 Month Bump

Wow. They sure do pop out a lot sooner with the second! I am technically 19 weeks, 3 days, so as of Sunday, I am officially half way!
PS- We found out on ultrasound today thatIt's A Girl!!!!