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Book List Dec 07-Dec08

I was reading someone's book list on their blog (a writer from a magazine I really like) and it inspired me to create my own. So far I only have a little notebook that has a library 'due' card on it to write down titles/authors that I want to read in the future. However, I am thinking that if I set myself a time limit (one year) I may get more read (maybe...hopefully!)
I am only going to put down 15-20, that way if something comes out that I am DYING to read...I can slip it in.
Verses : Ani Difranco (what could be better than the BEST female musician coming out with a poetry book?)
They Like Jesus but Not the Church: Dan Kimball (a book about the emergent movement)
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (I have tried every christmas to read this for four years....FOUR YEARS!)
Prude: by Caroll P. Liebau (an author I've read this year, Wendy Shalit ((Girls Gone Mild--EXCELLENT)) recommends this)
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle : by Barbara Kingslover (her newest one I have on hold at …