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2012: A Semi-Pictorial "Outtakes" Recap or The Never-Ever-Ever-Ending Post

The year 2012, like every other year since having kids, has just flown by. As I was looking through my google calendar, trying to remember big 'main' events of the year, I came by two surprises. The first was how much purple (MY specific calendar of obligations, events, and fun nights) there was, and the second was how Big Life Events like Stefan switching jobs (he was still with his previous employer until February) seem like past lifetimes, just not a mere 11-12 months ago. 
Around the time Stefan switched jobs, Ani turned three, and she became less of a toddler, more of a preschooler in a variety of ways. The photo above is just a regular occurrence at our house. Kids want to play-act something, they go create their props, and act it out. These are, of course, their pirate patches.  This past year I had a lot of girls-nights-outs, a bible study I loved, and we squeezed in a few sessions of music and swim lessons, and also Ani had her first dance class. She loved it. It'…

DPP: 23

Who says errands (to Best Buy, home of the electric drum sets) can't be fun?

DPP: 22

A little sledding hill right outside our front door.

DPP: 21

I love this picture. The top two reasons are: the white space, and the smile.

DPP: 20

No edits, just a happy smile before going outside for an early snow excursion.

DPP: 19

First time doing perler beads, and they loved it. We're moving into the next stage of crafting. Last night the kids had their first 'formal' (sit down and watch, then do) knitting lesson, and this morning they both said they'd like to learn to sew. The kids have helped me on the machine before, but they're just getting to big to sit on my lap and help now. It's time for some felt, some embroidery floss, and their first (big) needles. What a fun stage, although I must say, those perler beads are much smaller than my clumsy hands remember.

DPP: 18

Just a nice break in the day to head to the park. Wind or not, the stark beauty of (almost) winter is a favorite piece of the season.

DPP: 17

Packaging up treats for family, neighbors, and friends. Cinnamon & vanilla coated nuts, sprinkled pretzel rods, and home made salted caramels to name a few. I love doorbell ditching.

DPP: 16

Yesterday we celebrated "The Festival of Cuteness" with our church family. The yearly Christmas pageant is always a hit for the parents with the hilarity, antics, and sweet songs sung by the children. This year was Anikka's first year participating. She's the one in the front row, with a black top, red sash, and blond hair (in between some silver sparkles and a red-dressed child). She did great! Lukka is in the green shirt in the middle, unfortunately, turned to the side.

*photo taken by Stefan

DPP: 15

The Lincoln Children's Museum is one of their favorite places.

DPP: 14

Candy-making with Grammy. Another favorite yearly tradition. We made 3 items every year: Pretzels with rolo & salted almond clusters, white-almond-bark sticks with sprinkles, and the above treat, pretzels with almond bark and M&Ms inside. Many a gift for the neighbors, some for our Christmas get-togethers. Lukka was a little less enthused than past years; Ani rose to the occasion and was by our side for the nearly two straight hours.

DPP: 13

Cookies at Carla's. A very favorite tradition for moms & children alike.


She was so concentrated on her game, she didn't even notice I snapped 10 different shots.


Practicing our Chinese calligraphy, of course.


A quick break on our nightly walk. Cheating, as this was yesterday's, but I like it.

DPP: 9

Doesn't look that chilly, but the air was a windy 24 degrees.

DPP: 8

Portrait of his sister; friends.

DPP: 7

Salted caramels via the Barefoot Contessa.

DPP: 6

A regular morning routine. 6:40AM.

DPP: 5

Although somewhat drab in color, this photo represents a daily occurrence of our fat squirrels who like to nibble out of the homemade birdhouse.

DPP: 4

Free standing structure that, I think, is supposed to be the fiery furnace. Poor potato heads. It's gonna' get hot in there.

Photo taken by my son, Lukka, chronicling his artwork. 

DPP: 3

The mornings lately here in the Midwest have been really different for our area. Heavy with fog, quiet, and moorish. A real treat to this cold-weathered girl.

DPP: 2

A second shot, for the second day.

DPP: 1

An excellent way to start the December Photo Project.

December 1, 2012. My mom's wedding day.