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Each day this week will feature a picture from our wedding to celebrate!

This was the first time I had met Stefan's highschool friends from Vancouver, and this picture pretty much sums up my expectations. They were a great, supportive group of guys who I was honored flew down (and some drove 30+ hours!) to see Stefan and I get married! Three in this picture are now married themselves, and one engaged.

30: Day 22

This just about makes me tear up. Then I notice slobber on the floor, Lukka getting into a stray kibble, and some sort of dark fur that resembles dog hair on the couch (where they aren't allowed) and I think...."I said just".

30: Day 21

(This is not my picture, credits here). HOWEVER, This is what our new car looks like! Stefan left Omaha this morning on a flight out to Denver and is driving home now!

30: Day 20

Taking a walk with the pups. "Finally! I'm free!"

30: Day 19

Massive Amounts of fun and endless options. I may have just found a favorite way to paint.

30: Day 18

Our printing supplies came from Artist and Craftsmantoday! I'll let you know how it turns out!

30: Day 17

Impromtu crafternoon day! (Another to come on Thursday; we're printing.) This calls for scotchies while Emily learned to knit!

30: Day 16

The poor dear had to be taken to the doctor today...and didn't get to come home with me :( We'll see what's wrong with my machine.

30: Day 15

Spoils of a (shoppin') girls' day out!

30: Day 14


Red velvet cake with raspberries on top, please!
The dude with some of his gifts (a very small fraction!)
King for a day! We love you so much, skeet bug!

30: Day 13

What a grocery shopping trip looks like sans car.

30: Day 12

Check.Out.My.New.Sweet.Shoes. I am very excited about these for the following reasons: a) they are my favorite color b) they look like an old pair of PUMAs I used to own (but sadly, grew out of) c) they are croc-imitations (Read: SO comfy) and d) They were $8.00. It seems as if my love-hate relationship with Walmart has been amended.

30: Day 11

Lukka's birthday crown. Tutorial in this book. Mine is a bit botched from having to work with scraps instead of proper pieces of felt--but it's still cute on the Babe. Watch out for birthday pictures this Saturday!

30: Day 10

Fruit Salad and Homemade Blueberry scones for dinner? You betcha!

30: Day 9

Cleaning out the gutters and pruning. It's a nasty job, but somebody's got to do it. (Read: Stefan, this weekend or the next!)

30: Day 8

Happy Father's Day, Papa! We love you.

30: Day 7

Reality sets in. A bum leg and a lot of paperwork. No car after next week (as it turns out, Stefan's sister is going out of town for a week, so we're able to use hers until next weekend). Where does this put our plans? We wait.

We Interupt the Normal Viewing for a Special News Bulletin

Friday night Stefan was involved in a car accident – as you can see the truck was totaled. An oncoming car sped through a red light and collided with Stefan as he was making his turn. The impact was so severe that his seat belt broke. We praise the Lord that his injuries seem minimal. When you see these pictures, you can't help but wonder how he was not injured more severely. Someone was definitely watching over him. As for the truck, well...I knew it wouldn't make it to Washington one way or another! There were two other vehicles waiting at the intersection who witnessed, and told the police, how the other vehicle ran the red light. I am so thankful Stefan is safe – it could have been so much more serious!

30:Day 6

Hiding out in the storm shelter Wednesday night.

30: Day 5

My night awaits! The first time in 356 days Papa gets to put babe to bed.

30: Day 4

Eureeka! I've found a way to knit and read at the same time...audiobooks! (I know, I long have these been around?)
Listening to First. Listening to Second.

30: Day 3

Retro Photo: pruned and rotting peaches in Peachland, B.C. Stefan's grandparents live right next door to a cherry orchard, and, fittingly, have a peach tree in their backyard. The ones they kept were the best I've ever eaten.

30: Day 2

A few laughs while playing "pull the tail on the puppy" while at Antelope Park this afternoon. We had a family look at our house for 45 minutes today!

30: Day 1

Our newly (re)painted deck. Thank goodness we got it done before the rain (and the open house--today!) came.

Friday Book and Movie Reviews

Wow. I feel like today is the first day I've had time to sit down, and I can't really remember anything significant that I did this week, but it feels good to know that babe will sleep a little while more. The last two days I've got to spend some time with my World Travelling Friend, Susie. Yesterday we didn't do much (hence the really bad post, sorry) except talk for hours and caught up. Today we went shopping at Hobby Lobby as she has a lot of downtime in the Peace Corps/Mauritania and needs a new hobby. I suggested knitting as it's cheap, easy to learn, and very portable. She also got a few small items for some of the girls who she has a club with over in Africa, some embroidery floss to make charm bracelets with.

She brought this awesome outfit for Lukka. It is what the locals would wear there to a formal event (wedding, etc.). It is very lightweight, even though it is pants. Thanks, Sus! Read more about Mauritania, West Africa here.

I've also finished two b…