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Visual Rain

We've had almost (or what feels like...) an entire month of overcast, gloom, rain, and drear. People are getting desperate, and although I'm still a soup fan, this is getting a little ridiculous for our state. I know, however, that in two months when I start to get mean-because-I'm-a-human-oven, I'll look back and realize it wasn't so bad. At least...I hope.
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{This Moment}

From Soulemama's blog:A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Part Two: Why Gender Matters by Dr. Leonard Sax

Yesterday was part 1: Why Gender Matters by Dr. Sax and today I'll be writing a bit more on some of his other chapters. Keep in mind although this information is very useful for relationships between spouses, this book is mostly for parenting and teaching, and those applications, so that is where my focus is for these two posts. I also tend to lean heavily on the 'boy' side of relating this information simply because...I'm not a boy! I found this information fascinating and although I did know some of the chemical differences and reactions between males and females, I am obviously more aware of how I am/was and so I gleaned more from the 'male' side of it.
Ever noticed that little girls tend to flock together, dressing up and playing tea party while boys love games that are movement originated and often, rough and tumble in nature*? It's because, scientifically, boys feel a tingle of excitement when risk or fear is involved. Females, when tested wi…

Series Review: Why Gender Matters by Dr. Leonard Sax

A few weeks ago I went to a home-school seminar weekend put on by the NCHEA for Nebraska Home schoolers. I had heard mixed reviews of this conference, but wanted to go any way, since next year we'll head into year 2. I wanted some encouragement, and to learn more about it, legally, from people who have been there, done that. I was blown away with the speakers. The tips, encouragement, and confirmation I felt was incredible and I can't wait to go next year. Not only that but I found a number of things curriculum and game-wise that I bought for the kids as an investment, and they've all paid off thus far. There is an option to buy cds of each speaker (7 per hour, 7 hours per day, 2 days) and I bought the three that I liked the best and could loan out to others who were interested.
My favorite speakers, of whom I went to three times over the weekend, was Andrew Pudewa. He was funny and engaging, and his speech titled, "Trying to Teach Boys Who Just Want to Build Forts All…

Changing Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson

Wednesday and Thursday I will be writing about a book I currently read, Why Gender Matters by Dr. Sax, but this video is also linked to it, in regards to why so many children are medicated these days. I thought this was so interesting I wanted to pass it on. What do you think?

Visual Monday: Thrift

It has to be said that I'm a seasoned thrifter. I am in my zone when I am at a garage sale, a good will, or an outdoor flea or farmer's market. I can sift through scads, piles, and large amassed mounds of junk and find treasure...and I love the chase.*
Then, I had kids, and that (like almost everything else) was put on hold while I juggled feedings, nap time, and the actual number of showers in a given week. I kind of forgot about my undercover 'deal' nature and really didn't have longings for my past Sally Ann and antiquing days...until I realized THIS year I want to put myself back out there. Garage salin' Fridays are calling my names, craigslist was re-book-marked in the browser and in one Saturday morning I found 5 things on my mental 'thrift list' just by marking it on my calendar to stop by a few favorite places. Score! It can't be held I come! all images via

{This Moment}

A portrait of his sister.
From Soulemama's blog:A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Linky Love

Linky love is back and after it's rather long hiatus I've got tons of inspiration-filled DIY's, fresh color palettes, a few diet and nutrition goodies, and we couldn't be politically incorrect without a few news clips. Enjoy! My favorite SAHM blogger has another beautiful and interesting e-course up called Style Your Space all about pulling together a beautiful home with vintage, thrifted, or made ideas. Promises of snooping through other blogger houses included!Um, this was hilarious. And true. Don't ever say those things to me.At Simple Organic a really exhaustive post was put together titled Identifying and Avoiding Toxins in Beauty Care products. For those of you who revel in your "no 'poo" method, this post is for you. I'll be watching Last Train Home very soon. It's in my living room as I type. I checked out the book, Handmade Weddings from the library simply for the pictures, but I loved what I found inside. Color palettes, …

National Library Week: What We're Reading

This photo really reminds me of the wonderful kid's TV show "Reading Rainbow", of which I was an avid watcher (and yes, I can still sing the song!). Since this week is National Library Week, I thought I'd give you a little update as to what the people in our house are all reading. To see full photo & copy-right credit, click on individual books. I just finished this book yesterday and it really deserves a post all on it's own...maybe even a three-part series! This book was fascinating and right up my educational theory alley. The truth about gender differences is scientific, and though this book was written within the past 7 years, it is still relatively 'new' information. The premise of the book is this: children are different, innately, due to their sex (male/female) and learn, hear, see, think, communicate, and respond differently because of their gender. Thus, if any of us are ever in the situation where we have to deal with the opposit…

Visual Monday: Hippie

This might be a bit random but every single Spring time, once the sun is shining and we all start to strip layers, I am always in the mood to bring out the 'hippie' in my wardrobe. It starts with a little messy hair and a chunky headband. A few feathers or flowy dresses and sandals, and then it just gets downright bohemian. I can't help it. Go outside, and turn that music up. I love hippie style, had my hair dreaded awhile back, and really, can any mismatched patterns like this old bug get any better? Scroll down for some more modern hippie inspiration. All photos via weheartit. Tribal Style: Awesome hand carved jewelry on Etsy.Spell: Um, beautiful and completely out of my budget. I die! Lune Vintage: this lady up in Winnipeg really gets the 70s with her sweet vintage shop, Lune. Free People: everything hippie inspired MakeLoveNotWar: beautiful feathered 'hippie' earrings...dang can't find the link! update soon...

{This Moment}

In Soulemama's words: A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Corners in My Home

Yesterday was one of those beautiful Spring days that you think, "If not now, when"? Before we went on a family bike ride I decided to capture all the activity and colors around our house. An old toy becomes new with a different objective.

Little sprouted herbs reaching for the sun. My shadow is mostly obstructing this picture, it's the brightest spot in the house. A few recycled decorations from others makes a little bit of new table decor. Fresh home-made nutmeg donuts. Wow were these a hit!

Book Review: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

At just over 440 pages, this book is a bit hefty, but I was able to polish it off in about 3 days. It moves fast. The Help by Kathryn Stockett is one of those books that 'everyone is reading' that I usually...don't read. It took me almost two years and multiple recommendations before I picked it up at the library, but I'm so glad I did, especially since this summer the movie is set to come out! This novel is about Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960's and deals with the racial segregation that plagued most of the South during this time. More specifically, it's about a woman, Skeeter, who is a little bit different than most high class white women at the time. She becomes friends with her friends' housekeepers and decides to write a book about their work experience-anonymously-and send it off to a publishing house in New York City to see if it could be published. The characters in The Help are brillantly written, and Stockett did a wonderful job …

Visual Monday: Birds

Well, the sweetly singing birds are waking us up, the grass is turning greener, and Spring is clearly not being left behind! One of my favorite things about Spring is the 'coming home' party the birds seem to put on. The other day we had over 100 birds in our yard and a surrounding yard and it was loud with twittering between old friends, mates, and roomies taking over their home neighborhood. Needless to say, we didn't venture outside without hoods on that day...! My mom is a 'birder' (someone who loves to spot, record, etc. birds and their calls out in nature) and I think with every passing Spring time I start to like the hobby more, too. I have recently taught my kids the sound of a woodpecker, as we can often hear the heart noise around 9Am in our neck of the woods. They stop what they're doing and try to spot him first. I'm so happy they are learning to appreciate the little creatures that we share our land with. As I grew up the same way, I am enjoyin…

{This Moment}

Full disclosure: I did not take a single picture this week, and not only that, we didn't have one lick of sun, either. Trying to remember sunny days! From Soulemama's blog: A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.