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I've Got My Baby Back!

Remember this sad day? The shop has finally turned her around, with a new timing hook to boot! $45.00 later isn't too bad in my opinion! Can't wait to test her out again, although with being in the first trimester, I get LAZY, and other than read, can't really pull myself together to get projects done. So we'll see just how far that "testing" goes.

However, for those of us that love well-designed, boutique kids clothing (hopefully, I'm not the only weird-o who requests free catalogs just to get their patterns in my head!), Teahas some realllllllly cute things for the fall. My favorite little girl's outfit here (click alternate view to see on the child--better!). Favorite boys here (alternate view). Enjoy, you crafty readers!

A Tiring Week and a New Reycling Program

Well, after an all-day cleaning spree on Tuesday (some potential buyers returned after their visit Sunday), Lukka and I went to Pioneers Park tomeet with the mom group. No one showed up! I couldn't believe no one else came, so, we walked around on the trail for awhile, but Lukka began to only want to be held. He had a late night last night and therefore late morning--which always makes him clingy. I went in around 8:15 (he never sleeps that late) and he was still sleeping; woke up with a surprise, and gagged. Needless to say, after that great morning awakening, around 11 at PP. he started to get whiny, so we headed home. A long nap later (for both of us) and a snack and he perked right up enough for Dad to take him on a walk with the pups. * * *

We have started this new recycling program called RecycleBank. For the last 3 years we've been "hoarder recyclers" meaning we keep tons of recycling in the basement until we have a 'truckload' and then drop it off in o…

Book Review: Home , a Memoir by Julie Andrews

This was an excellent memoir. I usually only sneak about 2-3 memoirs in per year, but I am never unsatisfied--they are usually people in theatre back in the 40s or 50s. After readin, I love to watch the movies I have starring them. This book is actually very well written, and with Mrs. Andrews being British, a very formal account. She did have a fairly 'squeaky-clean' image her entire life, and still calls the monarchy of Britain, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, depicting the era she grew up in. This is not only a tale about Julie's talent for singing starting at an early age, but also the story of her family life and the war. In just over 300 pages, I easily finished this in a week. The book reads easy and as a good writer will, she left "cliff hangers" at the end of every chapter, making the reader tell themselves, "well, just one more for tonight won't hurt!"Reading Now (but dreadfully big): Thunderstruck by Erik Larson

Garage Sale Finds, Busy Day

The family and I had a busy day today. From 8:30-11:30 Lukka and I ran errands, including the dreaded DMV (yuck) to register our new car. We stopped at 2 garage sales on the way home. After naptime began, I got an email from Stefan saying a realtor wanted to show our house tonight--once Stefan came home an dtook Lukka and the dogs for an hour walk at the park, I got busy. The slow season for houses is June and July, and we just lowered our house's price significantly to get things moving. The house looked spectacular and we always have smooth jazz for the people looking (as far as mood goes, you can't find a better house!). Here's to getting things going again! Check out my pics for the garage sale finds.

Can you believe this awesome vintage stove ? It is in great condition, just needs one new knob and a knew hinge on the smaller 'cabinet' (the one above the open door). Lukka LOVES it. We had looked at thisfor Christmas, as I love wooden toys, but when I saw this dr…

Feeling Gross and House Getting Groser

Is grosser even a word? I feel in my "I can play the pregnant card" state that it is. My house was this morning (and all last week) gross, unwashed floors, laundry, food getting older in the fridge, ya get the idea.

Which leads me to blog: I feel a lot sicker with this pregnancy than I did with Lukka, and so a lot of things are suddenly feeling harder to get myself to do, i.e. cleaning and blogging. I have a few fun things to share about (namely, book and movie reviews, and a cool new recycling program in NE) that will hopefully get me off the couch and typing on the computer.

Forewarned: Blogging will be random until roughly August 30th (when my first trimester is up). Hopefully the "all day" morning sickness will be gone...seriously, the only time I don't feel it is when I'm asleep.

Please be patient.

Take the Test

center>61As a 1930s wife, I am
Superior">Take the test!

This was pretty fun! I think it was the "red nail polish wearing" that made me a sweet 30's wife...or would that be counted against me?

Books 8, 9, 10

Alright, I know, I 'strayed' from my list. How could I not when every time I went to the library something I'd read about online or heard on the radio was staring me in the face in the "New Releases" section? I am a sucker for David Sedaris, so I knew that I had to be the first person in line waiting for his book at the library. What can I say, I'm a dork for sarcasm. His newest release, Engulfed In Flames, are more tales about his absurd family and partner (and nutcase from across the hall) and a longer section of his 3 month journal to quit smoking in Asia. I don't think any book will ever be as funny as Me Talk Pretty One Day, but this was a solid 4 out of 5 stars, something Sedaris always has lived up to in each of his books. You will laugh out loud (as was the case in high school when I first read Me Talk Pretty in study hall-- I burst out laughing and muttered to the other students frightened by my roars, "He gave alcohol to his hamster!")…


Is anything cuter than chubs on a baby's legs + Eeyore slippers? I don't think so.

How's This For An Update...

This little guy is going to be a big brother come the end of February! Stefan and I have told the big news to family, now it's the 'friends' turn! We're so excited.


Well. There you have it. The end of the 30 Days in Photos and the end of Anniversary Week! Thanks for looking. I have some great book reviews and updates coming up over the next few days. Hope you enjoyed it.


Gettin' outta there by 2! We had a morning wedding followed by a short reception, a few pictures, and off to the honeymoon (Montreal, Quebec). This was our "wedding car" owned and driven by T! Thanks again!


We still have one of those little posts from our wedding! Hand-made by Stefan's dad, they were our "markers" from the arboretum, where our ceremony was, to the reception hall. We got married on one of our college's campuses.


All my favorite girls and I getting ready to do our thing. Happy 4th, y'all.


The coolest cake EVER! I have never seen a wedding cake that I liked as much as ours. If you couldn't tell, we had a "beach" theme, and I told the creator (a friend of one of my aunts) who made this exactly what I wanted and boy did she deliever! All of those shells are made from scratch sugar, they even have ripples of color, just like seashells do. She even made coral! So beautiful!


It's a done deal! 07-02-05.
"I will love you forever, you and no other"


Our fearless leader, Dave. He was Stefan's mentor in highschool and they still keep in touch regularly.