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December Reads // 2016

*Modified by Caitlin Shetterly - This was a book I read a lengthy review about in Taproot magazine, and I thought it sounded really interesting. It's about GMOs, written from a journalistic and memoir point-of-view. The author developed an allergy from a protein sequence that is found in GMO plants, and went on a 5 year research journey that became this book. I also found it really fun to read because the entire first section (out of three) because a lot of it takes place in Nebraska, and Iowa. At one point, she is interviewing a scientist from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (my Alma mater!) at a diary store that is literally yards away from the arboretum where Stefan and I were married! This book is heavy with science terminology, controversy, and philosophy, which not only makes me love it, but hesitant to recommend to just anyone. A lot of people may not find the topic interesting enough, or the writing too heavy to get through.

*Upstream by Mary Oliver -Upstream is a shor…

DPP 2016 // Day 22-24 + bonus

Day 22 - Kid library haul
Day 23 - Knitting like a madman to finish Christmas slippers
Day 24- Christmas jammies
Day 24 - Silent Night hymn at church's candlelight service
Day 25 - bonus-a boy and his dog, in his self-made cave

DPP 2016 // Days 15-21

Day 15 - morning reading
Day 16 - the babies cuddling after a morning hike in the snow
Day 17 - Copper pulling the kids on the snowboard
Day 18- Watching A Christmas Story
Day 19 - snow fort
Bonus shot (Days 20-21) Lu in the snow

DPP 2016 // Days 8-14

Day 1: Giving love to the giant farm dog
Day 2: our first peek of snow!
Day 3: Ani playing catch with snowballs + Copper
Day 4: potentially the only picture in 2016 of just us
Day 5/6: fort-building on Christmas break 
Day 7: cozy Christmas in the basement suite

DPP days 1-7

 Day 1 - playing in Blaine after some errands

Day 2 - knitting for my grandma

Day 3 - the paperwork for our  sponsored Compassion child 

Day 4 - Ani decorating the tree 

Day 5 - quiet hours while my kids are at co-op (!)

Day 6 - a gorgeous and chilly day for a walk, after nearly 2 months solid of rain and overcast

Day 7 - the goofball posing for me