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There's Been...

A lot of snuggling around here lately (and no, I don't pose the dogs that way--they actually cuddle up together by the fire all the time!)
A continuous fire for over 4 days...
A bit of playing in the snow with the pups and family...

and a whole bunch of knitting...
Hope you're enjoying your holiday season as much as we are!
The Masts.


Christmas treats ready to be hand delivered by the Bug to our neighbors. I've wanted to do something for our block for the last few years, and funny how when I have a toddler, and am pregnant, I get it done, whereas no kids, or an easy peasy 6 month old...I don't? Go figure! Hope they enjoy them!
Some presents waiting on our dining room table for our first Christmas celebration--tonight!

Winners of Book Giveaway!

And the winners are.........!
Stefan chose the numbers at random, and you all had a good chance since there were only 10 people entered!

First up was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Jesswon! How perfect since she just moved to NE from Brooklyn (I seriously did not plan that!).

Second was Little Womenby Louisa May Alcott. BeckLaw won! Congrats, Beck, I will pop this in the mail this week...however...with Christmas upon us, it may take a little longer to get out to you! (Just read on FaceBook that where she lives was 70 today!! Not fair!!)

Thanks for participating in my small giveaway--it was fun to read all your favorite books!
I will definitely have more giveaways, so stick around for future handmade things (and, perhaps, a good book or two if I come across one... :) You two enjoy your books! They're so great--I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

PS--Jess, check your ravelry account since I don't have your email! :)

Handmade Christmas--Final Touches

STOP! If you haven't enetered the Giveaway yet, please do so now! I wouldn't want you to miss out!
* * *
Here are the final two projects that I sewed for. Moleskins like these blank sketch books come in a pack of 3 for $9.99, and using up some of my scraps, cost an easy $3.50/person. They make great little gifts for those you know who love to draw or journal. The third is for Stefan, who, frankly, wanted a really boring cover. The idea came from the book Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, one of my favorite craft books for the sewer! I love how these turned out!
Now, onto the explanation of the idea behind my Handmade Christmas. I like things to be simple, and low-cost is always great, but I really like things to be presented beautifully, so in late October I scoured websites, magazines, and Hobby Lobby for gift ideas. The gift package below is one I made for about 10 people. They can also be used separately as "stuffers" in bigger gifts, too. The salt scrub jars we…


Dear Readers,

You've been so great the last year of my bloggy life, and I've wanted to do a give-away for awhile now. My first thought was something handmade, but I think that will be saved for another time, as I just can't churn out anything else until my Handmade Christmas is done! My next thought was...well...what the heck else do I write about?

My other favorite hobby....books!

My 2008 Book Listwas a bit scattered. Of course, out of the 20 books I had on my list, I read a little over half...and then I read almost 19 more that weren't on my list! (Current read: Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin for my newly started Grace Chapel Book Club for January.)

I will post my 2009 Book List in another post, but it is a lot shorter. I think it is 15 books, and three of them are short short short poetry books. I just couldn't follow the list when there were so many books I found at the library. Also, with a new baby coming, AND a new book club (that'…

More Christmas Presents

I am nearing the end of my Handmade Christmas. I have one more knit to do and a few home-made journals to sew together. Here's a look at what I've been up to (and uh...hum...not blogging!) Lavendar and Peppermint soap: glycerin soap, dye, and essential oils. Wrap the bars in wax paper and stick on a homemade label and they are quite cute!
This is called a Calorimetry...or a head scarf....
Or, as I like to call it, a "hippie headband". I love this! It was a very confusing pattern until you understand how to read it (lots of back and forth, turning and reversing involved). Although this one will have to be given away, I am definitely going to make myself one, and I have a whole 1/2 skein left-over!
PS-- Stay tuned for tomorrow's post--a bloggy giveaway right here!!

Alarming News in the World of Toys

As I peruse a number of 'simple living' blogs and websites daily, there has been a bit of news that has been circulating. A bit of misguided legislationmay put out small business organic and natural toy-makers unless amended.

This has been especially difficult for people on Etsy to digest, many who make beautiful hand-carved toyslike this. It would be a shame to not see those items any more due to a failure to ammend this within the political realm.

Read the debateon Etsy. Sign the Petition.(Donation is not required for signature)


Ok, so random time: I was tagged by my knitty friend Jess on her blog, but instead of tagging people, I'll just let you do it on yours if you want:

6 Odd things:

1) I can't stop and relax at the end of the night until my house is clean. More annoying than not on most days. Something about dust and dog hair getting all over really bothers me!
2) I am a nutcase about doing the laundry--I can't wear jeans more than twice before I have to wash them. I generally do about 5 loads a week! Also, if I wore a shirt after I put on deodorant, but decide not to wear it--it has to be washed (it touched my armpits!)
3) I would wear nothing but pajamas and slippers if it was socially acceptable. Somehow, I think most people know this about me.
4) I love travelling and learning about different cultures around the world. I just won't try their food!
5) I am in an over year-long midst of decided about homeschooling or public schools. Please see me in 4 more years when I may or may not have rea…

Christmas Surprises

Sorry for the absence lately, I have been on Handmade-Christmas overdrive.
Clue #1: epsom salt + organic sunflower oil + lavendar
The bug helping me whip up a batch of "something specials"
Could be a product of Lu and my work...and we have So much more to make! It's been a fun and busy week in the kitchen.Check out the bug's blog for two cute new posts of what HE made this week!

28 weeks

It's getting out there! I can't believe I only have 12 weeks left--it seems so short! However, saying it as 3 months seems to be more than I can handle...let's say 12 weeks. :) PS--for those of you who are pregnant--check out those awesome LizLangeMaternity Lounge Pants from Target--I think I will be in them at least once a day until after delivery--they are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn!

Yum! Yarn!

Little Women

I have tried to read Little Women the last three years in a row--and failed miserably until this year--and the book was just what I needed to read. A sweet tale that is semi-autobiographical of it's author, Louisa May Alcott (I've been to the house she grew up in!), it centers around 4 girls growing up in the late 19th century. It is an intimidating book, at 669 pages (!) but I think I read it in about 2 weeks.
It was a novel that made me reflect upon sincerity, determination, and cheerfulness are to lead a quiet, simple, and contented lifestyle--something I admire and strive after in my own life.
Each girl has her ups and downs, and this novel is certainly circular beginning with youth, ending with old age, with love and loss thrown in the midst. Five out of 5 stars, definitely. Look at the last post to read a quote from the book--there were so many I had a hard time choosing my favorite!