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19 in 2019 // Intentions for the Year Ahead

view from the top of Salt Spring Island, BC
I always love making an intentional list for the year ahead, but as I've been reflecting on the past year in my personal time, along with reflecting on our past half of our homeschooling year thus far, I've staretd to jot some 'things' down for this year as in years past, but I haven't been able to fill up the whole list and I have no idea why.  Maybe it's that I don't feel I have the brain space, maybe because it's nearly Feb. 1st already and I'm feeling behind already, or maybe it's because I just haven't let it sit and stew enough. That's ok. I'm learning to just go with it. I have about half.  I add to my list in my bullet journal, I more than likely won't remember to edit this post but (shrug), Oh Well. Such is life! 
19 in 2019 (or, ahem, a few less)
1) Watch Lo & Behold technology docuseries with Lukka. We watched Cosmos last year and that was a wonderful experience for us bot…

2018: What Happened? What Didn't?

looking into 2019 like
Yes, I totally used this photo at the beginning of the year, too, but I love it. It represents looking forward, of course, at the year to come, but also a great reflection of what happened within a year that just passed. 
There is nothing special about New Years to me, aside from the fact that I have, at one time in my life, been a big List Person. As the kids grow up and our days get fuller, them going this way and that, it becomes imperative that I write down some sort of tangible activities we can do together (or I can do on my own!), and experiences I want to be intentional about getting to. Science says writing things down means they are more likely to happen.  Even if I only get to half my list-half is better than zero any day!
So, here's my 2018 list, and here's whatactually happened
I tried to make an honest effort to be in more photos as opposed to being the one always taking them. I made Stefan do more selfies with me on date nights, and made…

Top 10 Books from 2018

a friend's beautiful built-ins!
I love writing book reviews, talking books with friends (or let's be honest, complete strangers), and reading and attending my book club. One of my favorite ways to reflect on the past year also has to do with books; making a Top 10 list. I usually average about 60-80 books per year. I could up it if I listened to audiobooks, but they're just too long, and I love my podcasts for doing chores and driving instead.  I can usually easily hit 60 on my own, but the other 15-20 come from reading aloud to the kids, something I rarely miss per night. This past year we hunkered down with the hefty 4,000+ pages of Harry Potter, so we had fewer read-alouds than normal, but plenty of pages. Here are the favorite books I read over 2018; there's something here for everyone. I only included books on this list that I hadn't previously read (so, no HPs, is what I'm saying, though at least 3 would be on this list otherwise!). It's fun to see th…