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Birthday Interview; 6

photocredit: Dad

I love that Lukka's birthday falls on the First Day of Summer. Mine is the First Day of Spring so it feels like it fits perfectly as the firstborn to already share some tiny connection upon entrance. Fast forward 6 years and I have got a 'gonna-be' first-grader, a Tiger Scout, a cereal & milk lover, and the most curious, serious, and inventive child on the block. I thought it would be fun to do a birthday interview, of which I first saw onTelling Gets Old blog. I loved Bethany's idea so much I'm stealing it as our own memory-maker as we celebrate his birthday today (and a bit tomorrow, too).
What is your name? Lukka  Where were you born?  a hospital Where do you live now? Blaine What is your favorite food? quinoa pasta (it's an alfredo dish) What is your favorite drink? soda What is your favorite color? blue What is your favorite animal? cats What is your favorite book? Sonic comics What is your favorite toy? my sword & my shield  What …

Catching Up: 28th Birthday Celebration

To celebrate my birthday in our new location, Stefan, the kids, and I had a great day doing things that I loved to do, including a hike at Mount Seymour. We went out for about an hour and a half, I believe, gauging how well the kids would do on their first hike here. It was a beautiful day, and although it's a long drive (about 60 minutes), it was of course worth it. The trails are challenging for the kids' levels, and they loved having to climb over large trees and through little streams that were 'in the way'.  

Sometimes our kids complain about going out for a hike, but Ani is a little worker bee and once we're on the trail there are no complaints coming from her. She is quite focused on her task for her age (4), and we're super proud of her work ethic. I'm not sure why Lukka is so contrary, but apparently he got the best of both of us to form one rebellious child. Every time we go out for a family excursion we always hear "no! I don't want to!…