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July Titles Read (2016)

outside; Telus Spark playground
*Give Your Child The World by Jamie C. Martin - This literary list book is for the parent eager to introduce different cultures to their family members. It's organized very well, by continent, and further, by age. The first section of this book is the author's family's journey of multiculturalism. They have two children adopted from outside the US, and her husband is from England. I bought this book (and I buy so few books) because I knew it'd last us for years of homeschooling, though I don't think you need to be homeschoolers to use and enjoy this--just passionate about reading with your kids.

*The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan by Ben Foss - This is the third (and last, for awhile) book I've read about dyslexia for research into a new chapter of our homeschool. I know that's very few details, but this book was helpful in understanding the specific strengths of your own child/self; and provided real-life stories of people who ha…

16 in 2016: Canoe Somewhere New (False Creek, Vancouver)

This past Saturday was Stefan and my 11th wedding anniversary, and to celebrate we got out the canoe for the first time this year. We took the kids to a new place (we'd never canoed-one of my 2016 Goals), False Creek. This is a main waterway in downtown Vanouver, and with cheap all-day parking ($11/day) at Kits beach, we hauled it all the way down to Science World, where the water ends, and back again.

We saw so much this morning, including these wild murals painted on a factory, a cute little multicolored houseboat community (see below), and plenty of seagulls. Unfortunately, we didn't see any sea otters, seals, or other wildlife, but we did dock at Granville Island while they were having an outdoor jazz concert. We stopped for a little bit more food since we were staying in the city much longer than originally planned. Nothing that a few apples, cheese, and bread can't fix!

As the morning went on, the sun came out of the clouds and so many yachts and sailboats were out …