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November Titles // 2017

beautiful Fall day at Brae Island in Ft. Langley 
*Of Mess & Moxie by Jen Hatmaker - The newest Hatmaker book, I finished this in just a few days. This book has quite a few pep talks and 'you'll be okay' talks for younger women, and a few "How To" chapters that are absolutely hilarious regarding anything from potty training to Target shopping. It felt much less rant-y than her last book and if I'm being honest I read her books to keep up because a lot of Christian women follow her online. I don't always agree with her, nor do I find well-stewed spiritual meaty teaching, but can always appreciate humor that makes me snort-laugh when reading.

*More Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine Levine - This book was pt. 2 of my continuing education on Charlotte Mason educational philosophy, and it didn't disappoint. It was much more in-depth as far as practical 'how-tos', complete with helpful book lists, and chapters that didn't just go over t…

Hikes with Kids // Admiralty Point and Burns Point // Belcarra Regional Park

 Lukka loves getting inside trees, ever since he was little!
This past weekend we got a rare dry November Saturday so we quickly chose a hiking trail we'd never done (Admiralty Point) in a place we love (Belcarra Regional Park) for an easy trail that did not disappoint! This trail is rated as easy and starts off in a public parking area near picnic tables and a decent bathroom. The trail is marked well and rated well, though others who've reviewed it have said otherwise, so check before you go.  a rare 'just us' photo
We hike at a quick pace, and I am often the slowest one. What I lack in swiftness I make up for in eagerness, since I am the one always dragging the family out on weekend hikes. The kids, however, must have had just enough time off from our last hike because they were practically running and jumping the entire trail, and I didn't hear nearly any complaint (until later) from my resident 'hater'.
beautiful view from Admiralty Point
This is a great…