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April Titles // 2017

The gorgeous Wild + Free nature journal by Kristin Rogers
This was another lackluster reading month for me, and I fear May is going to be even worse! I was stuck between three books, one I had to read for a deadline, one for book club (still going strong, but it's loooong) that I didn't finish, and another that I was at the head of the line for, and promptly took me two days to finish. I also finished book five in our Chronicles of Narnia series, and have two more to finish before school's technically over. Although I finish school early June, out here the kids finish late June. Can you even imagine?! Horrid. I hope, at least, to finish The Last Battle by the end of June. 
Hallelujah Anyway by Anne Lamott - I love my Aunt Anne. I mean, she's not really my aunt, but she's been a part of my spiritual formation over the last 10+ years and therefore I see her as family. I read everything she writes and put my name in the request slot at the library the second I find …

My Grandma Virginia

On our wedding day nearly 12 years ago, my three grandparents. My grandma Virginia is in the floral dress. 
This past weekend I was fortunate to attend my paternal grandmother's funeral service in Denver, CO. I wouldn't have been able to go had it not been for the generosity of my aunt & uncle, and Stefan's willingness to afford us a portion of a ticket and a day at work with two stir-crazy kids. It was a quick trip; I flew out on Friday morning and returned Sunday afternoon. 
I was able to visit my grandfather's grave in Ft. Logan National Cemetery, see their old house, reconnect with family I hadn't seen in a long time, and go through old pictures- some of which are now waiting for an album at home! I also got to speak at her service, which I felt good about-honoring her memory and giving closure to that time of my life that is sadly now over. I have no remaining family in Colorado, and I spent many years traveling, jeeping, camping, and enjoying it there! It…