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Craft Update

I know I told you I'd do a craft update, but these are just a small bit of what I've been doing. I can't show you anything else (the majority) until after Mother's Day, (Wink Wink).

I have been knitting slippers like my life depended on it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a snap shot of any of these cuties with their funky buttons on the toes, but ya' get the idea. The blue ones were made for my Bug. He even got to choose his own buttons at the button store . He chose some cute little yellow smiley-faced suns, which I put vertically (4 of them). Every day he asks me if I made those for him, and he is just as proud as a peacock when I answer "yes! Just for you!".
I use the "Grandma's Slippers" pattern that is free if you're a member of, but I actually use it just as a basic outline, I change the pattern a lot depending on size.
My mom had a plain white apron that had stains all over the front and which she wanted a bit of an upd…

As Promised, Linky Love

Sorry to make you wait for some Internet deliciousness, but I am finally back to feeling better, the house is cleaned, and our routine is normal. Not to mention I've showered. That's always a good thing.
Here are a few things I've been looking at lately:

*You're Invited: A Beautiful Mess's 24 hour Blog Party(starts Wed. 12AM) These are always super fun, full of eye candy, and awesome DIYs!
* Rachel Denbow's adorable Onesie to Dress Tutorial(2 different dresses!). I wish I could put together patterns and colors like this pro. Not to mention I'm obsessed with all things bows and 80's. These baby dresses are right up my alley.
* The soon-soon-soon promise of (finally!) making wonderful crisp, bubbly, and normal Gluten-Free pizza crust from scratch with Gluten Free Girl & The Chef's new cookbook! I will be pre-ordering this one.
* Win a Polaroidfrom the Polaroid queen, Cakies herself!
*An absolutely wonderful visual rating system of pocket diapers. (hint…

3 Toddlers for 3 Days

Sorry it's been so silent for a few weeks. I've been in a making frenzy, but unfortunately, can't show you until all the gifts have been given. I'm also working on a lot of knitted slippers and a few other sewn items to donate to my friend's MOPS auction! That and my wonderful birthday weekend (show ya' later!) but we've got another fun thing coming up this week.

One of Lukka's best buds is coming to Our House to play for a few days while her normal babysitter is on vacation. That means 3 toddlers for three days. I'll be back with some links when I can catch my breath, in the meantime, you can see me outside (60s this week!)
Stay Tuned!UPDATE: 3 days turned into 4 with an airline cancelation, and all day today I've had the ache-y flu while trying to keep a normal semblance around the house. Links and posts to come soon. Er. Sometime :)

Slow Weekend in Pictures

...Was full of hunting for the last 3 Safaris...
...Stomping through lovely thin ice in rain boots...
...taking a walk around campuswith the pup and little lady...
...and taking a break while she tastes the first mud of the season...

What'd you do this weekend?

Spring Reading

Over at our other blog, BabyMast, I often have done posts on children's books, but thought I'd do one here, since we're all eagerly awaiting the coming of Spring! All of these books I found through our local libraries, so I hope you can enjoy them with your little ones.

The first story, Old Bear, by Kevin Henkes is a sweet tale about hibernation, and dreaming of seasons come and gone. My Bug loves both of these books (we own Kitten's First Full Moon) for its basic yet beautiful illustrations, and lovely story about a kindly old animal. Very sweet to set your little one off to sleep with.

This is our second time checking out Cynthia Rylant'sAll In A Day, where the illustrations are beautiful and the thoughtful story is full of hopes and dreams. This is also a great story to read in waiting for Spring to arrive with its wonderful spring & summer activities filling up every single page. This story is a very slow paced rhyme about a boy who fill…

All The Things We Like to Do: Winter Version

When we've had to be inside this winter, here are some things we've enjoyed:
*Playing with the kitchen.

*Celebrating the ones we love.

*Learning new things from those who are older.

*Finding any item that is box-shaped, and climb in!

*Strolling. Even if it's snowy outside, I always know a puppy, bear, or Bug who's willing. :) Linky Love So glad for this weekend; meeting new friends and relaxing with old ones. This wonderful online magazine, Rhythm of the Home, and all it's wonderful ideas& interviews! Ruffles!! Need I say more? I've been in the ruffle-y gear lately. A new favorite (old favorite?) blogto follow! Lots, lots, lots, and , lotsof reading going on.