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June Titles (2016)

I can't remember where this photo is from, but it's not mine.
I did not get a ton of books read this month. June for me was like December is for everyone else....bonkers! I read (but didn't finish) a very slow-going classic, and then tried to play catch up with book candy the rest of the month. I read a bit of books here and there that I haven't finished for one reason or another, but to be honest I wasn't excited about them. We did, however, read a lot of great books via audio with the kids!

*The Progeny by Tosca Lee - This was what I call a "candy book". It's just total fun, easy, and a thriller or page-turner (both, in this case). I love Lee's historical fiction books that generally lead toward biblical history, and this was her first of hers that is not in that category. This story was about a girl who is Progeny--a long line of nobility that has strong powers--that come from a Hungarian noblewoman named Elizabeth Bathory. The graphic parts of…

Lukka's 9th Birthday Interview

playing frisbee with dad at Crescent Beach
What is your favorite color? Blue
Who are some of your friends? Nya, Brody, Ian and Ana, Caleb and Logan, Nathaniel, Cole, Ethan
What do you want to be when you grow up? I don't know
What makes you happy? origami, tech stuff, and music
What makes you sad? I don't know

Science World fun
What is your favorite animal? tiger
What is your favorite book? the Origami Yoda (series)
What is your favorite thing to do with Mom? read books
What is your favorite thing to do with Dad? frisbee
What is your favorite thing to do with Ani? play with tigers 
What do you like to do with your friends? bounce on trampolines, shoot nerf guns, play

Lukka shooting water at Science World to get the toilet to 'flush' (I kid you not)
What do you like to do outside? kick the ball with dad or play frisbee
Where do you like to go? Saskatchewan (no idea on that one, folks!)
What is your favorite food? alfraedo pasta with peas and carrots
What is your favorite drink?  soda

Friday Links

friends, imagination and Lego
I've been collecting these goodies for awhile now. They're all fairly random and lovely. Enjoy!

*Sylvia Plath is one of my all time favorite poet/authors and I've spent an inordinate amount of time studying her work. Here is Plath reading "Spinster" link, which is a rare recording.

*Enough with the TV shame--one of the best blog entries I've read in the past month. Especially as we enter the summer.

*I think I know why you're yelling.

*Oh crap. I use a lot of baby powder. This is sort of horrifying. Stop. Just stop now.

*Overwhelmed? 5 questions to ask yourself if you're doing too much.

*Do you have comic-loving kids? Check this out.

*My kids can't wait to watch this Nova/PBS Robot movie.

*Want, and trying to convince my friends it'll be a commemorative of our vacation together in July.

*You guys are gonna' love this short (4 min.) animated movie. Watch it til' the end and then burst into tears.