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February Titles // 2019

the hopefuls
Februrary wasa  slower book month, but unfortunately because of this month's fewer days, there are 2 books that won't make this list that I will probably complete in that time period. Harumph. Only two of the above books were completed, and one wasn't even started. That, I'm assuming, will also be our March read-alouds fate, barely any output this month, but partway through a number that we'll finish by the end of next.
*China Rich Girlfriendby Kevin Kwan - This is the second book in the Crazy Rich Asians series, and it did not disappoint. It clocked in just under 500 pages and was again, my favorite read of the month with the humor, cultural context, and ridiculous storyline. I have now gotten to the end of each of these books with the thought, "dangit! Now I'm going to have to read the next one" because I don't like spending time with a 450+ page book. These are worth it, however, and I fully intend to read the last in the series so…

Anikka's 10th Birthday Interview

Happy Birthday, Anikka! It's hard to believe our baby is now fully in tween-hood and double digits. We love you and love who you are: an artist, a good friend, a deep-thinker, a cuddler, and someone who shows courage. We pray health and joy over your next year!
Candid of Ani checking out Frida Kahlo's art and self-portraits during a co-op Art class
What is your favorite color? blue and purple
Who are some of your friends? Isla, Kathryn, Rachel, Nyah, Marie, Anya, Phoebe, Audrey, Charlee, Charlotte, Ana, Anna, Ashlyn
What do you want to be when you grow up? a mom
What makes you happy? art, and Copper
What makes you sad? death
 Ski bunny Ani!
What is your favorite animal?cat, dog, horse, unicorn, bird
What is your favorite book?  Wings of Fire (series)
What is your favorite thing to do with Mom? read or bake
What is your favorite thing to do with Dad? play games
What is your favorite thing to do with Lukka? bounce on the balls
What do you like to do with your friends?  play and art

Ani and mo…

January Titles // 2019

Lukka heading down the hill at Cypress during sunset
The book reading was light this month as our local homeschool support group started up our ski + snowboarding lesson group which I am in charge of and that took a lot of my free time and energy. Also, two of my favorite shows started up again and with three episodes each under my belt, that's a solid 6 hours I would have spent reading, watching online! I rarely watch TV and tell most people "I'm not currently accepting applications for new shows" when someone tells me about a show I have to watch, but my favorites often come up with new season in the winter which is pretty much the perfect season for me to tune in. Anyway, onto the sparse list!

*A Light So Lovely by Sarah Arthur - The first book I finished in 2019, appropriately, was another Madeleine L'Engle biograhy, this one specifically about how she defyied all categories of Christianity, motherhood, writing, and imagination. I loved this one. I might buy …