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December Photo Project

Oh...hey this thing on? Five months later--I know.
It's like telling women who are 9 months pregnant, and overdue, that their pregnancy went really quick for you. They scowl a little, you sheepishly try to find an exit, but it's true. One minute they were holding the pee-stick on facebook, the next, BAM! Baby belly, swollen ankles, and an irritable woman.  It really did go quickly for me, but (dear readers, You are the pregnant woman in this analogy) perhaps not so for you. 
But I digress.
I needed some fresh inspiration, a goal, and a bit more energy and time for creativity than I've had since Summer, to start up this blog again. My friend RT's annual photo-a-day December Photo Project is about to start up again, and so am I. Nevermind that my laughable 8 year old point and shoot is barely hanging on by a thread rubber-band; I signed up, and I'm participating like I have for the last few years. I love to see others' photos, their blogs, their view…