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Movie Review: Oceans

photocredit I watched this movie awhile back, and am just now getting around to posting about it. Of course it should be noted off the bat that it's a Disney movie, a family-friendly documentary for children 5+, but that doesn't take away at all the beauty and magnificence the creators of Oceans captured on camera. Remember The March of the Penguins? Well, this is of that caliber, though instead of really honing in on one type of animal, the movie Oceans is about many creatures, mammals, fish, plants, and invertebrates found throughout the many sea-levels off the coast of numerous continents. photocredit
This movie is for nature lovers, ocean and travel lovers, and of course, children who are generally interested in knowing more about animals. However, adults who are eager to learn or just curious about really weird findings would like it, too. This could have easily been the 'underwater' segment on BBC's Planet Earth series. Just check out some of the pictures and t…

Visual Monday: Spring!

This might be my happiest 'visual' post yet. Of course I always look forward to the first day of Spring because it's my birthday. Enjoy the color (and let's hope for some of our own this week, sheesh!) Which one is your favorite and why? *All images found via

{This Moment}

Photo taken by Oma. Full disclosure: Photo taken in February, but forgot to share it! Found it in the files and love it to pieces.

From Soulemama'sblog:A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Movie Review: The Social Network

The Social Network is a film about the creator of the popular online website, which has more than 500 million active users. It's on par with Google, and it's simply a website to connect by 'friending' people you know. This movie won a lot of awards, just check it's site to see all of them, ranging from Critics Choice to Golden Globes.
I thought this would be a fun movie to watch with Stefan, as I'm an avid facebook fan, and not. He refuses to have a profile, but I love seeing what my friends are reading, listening to, and talking about. I also wanted to watch it because Mark Zuckerburg, who has been in the news off and on these last few years, is the first billionaire of my generation, and frankly, I was curious.
We laughed so hard throughout this movie, and were intrigued at how this site actually got started. Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerburg (creator of facebook) and did a really good job. He was a completely believable char…

Ani's 2nd Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated Ani's 2nd birthday with a party. It was supposed to be back in February, but both kids were very sick over the planned weekend, so we moved it a month. We had great weather and lots of fun. I loved making the party food, and that simple bunting has followed us through many houses, birthdays, and parties, and always seems to look great.
I had gotten a few ideas out of a book I borrowed from the library, The Fairy Cookbook, and went from there on making them my own. It had a number of good ideas, but this book was ALL GIRL. Loved the idea of the popcorn/trail mix and I found some cute paper bags at Hobby Lobby to decorate with her name stamped on them. Fruit kabobs, cheese and crackers, lime sherbert punch (yum!), home-made mini strombolis, and pineapple cupcakes were all on the menu!
Now looking at these pictures I could have jazzed up the chalkboard easel with a menu, oh well, next time.
Here is the birthday girl in her cute 'party dress' and h…

Book Review: Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball

What is it with me and farming books? There is a movement going on involving simplicity, good food, and DIY anything. Mash this up together and the lovely memoir, Dirty Life, by Mrs. Kimball is what you get (NPR link). This is a story about a 30-something woman who meets the man she will eventually marry in a dusty old field. She's trying to get an interview on organic farming, he is continually dodging her because there are more important things to get done, like weeding said field. So, she grabs a hoe. Kimball has a great sense of humor, and she's quite the spunky New Yorker whose world is turned upside down by crates of fresh, organic produce, milking a cow named Delia, and the never-ending pig fiasco. As one reviewer noted, "From City Girl to Hog Butcher" (see above link). I really enjoyed this book, and read it in a few days. It provides a lot of information on the organic farm movement (20/30s moving to the rural areas to produce their own food), loads…

Visual Monday: Birthdays

This past weekend we celebrated Anikka's 2nd birthday with her belated party (last month both kids were sick) and the whole family came over. It was a blast and everyone loved the food, and the Little Lady loved opening her gifts and parading around in her 'party dress and birthday crown'. Then the next day was my birthday and I love eating with family and friends, relaxing with a book in the afternoon, opening gifts, finding cards in the mail, and even the silly facebook messages friends leave! Here's my visual homage to fun birthdays and parties! Enjoy. Photocredits

Visual Monday: Rainbow

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day this week, I looked up 'rainbows' (also just another excuse to put in geeky rainbow stuff that I love...look forward to unicorns sometime...)I love all of these images for different reasons. Most of them are just pretty fun to look at! Which one is your favorite? * Images found via

{This Moment}

From Soulemama's blog: A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Book Review: Shadow of the Wind by Ruiz Zafon

I had been recommended this book by a lady in my book club for almost two years. It was definitely on the back burner under a list that was a mile long. At the end of 2010, I got a new notebook, and started fresh and clean with a new book list. I only added five. That was definitely do-able. Shadow on the Windwas on the list and it was at the library. I took a chance with a book I knew nothing about, other than two strong recommendations, and I sat on the couch for possibly three days straight. This book is longer than most novels, at just under (or over?) 500 pages, it's quite a lift. The story, however, has it all: romance, comedy, action, irony, murder, mystery, religion and spiritual topics. Whoa. This story blew me away for a novel, which I don't read often (though, surprisingly, just about the only thing I've been reading this year). The story is about a young man who works in a rare books store and through a series of events, reads a book called The Shado…

DIY: Spider Web Board

This was a great little 'toy' Stefan made Lukka this week after my prompting. He has 2 weeks of preschool left, and this week we're going to be doing "W" and "X". I saw this tutorial on Vintage Chica a long time ago, and saved it for future use. When I was thinking of activities for W and X, "Weaving a Web" came to mind. We had this round piece of wood and a plentiful supply of screws/nails to be used. With a glimpse of the picture online, and about 15 minutes, Stefan got it done and it was ready for play!

Craft Time: Lukka's Christmas Sweater (Finally!)

Phew. It's done. I can move on with my life. I'm so glad Lukka's Christmas sweater 2010 Fiasco is behind me. I got so lost on this pattern, got bored, and dug myself in crafty denial. Last night was a sigh of relief when the last seam was was woven in, the last little snip to finish it out.
The thing that first struck me about this pattern was the cute collar, and the fact that it looked really simple. Simple rib on the cuffs, the bottom of the piece, and the long collar. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern called Cosy Sweater, and I really chopped quite a bit of her directions for lack of time, desire, and frankly, know-how. There was supposed to be a button band, a couple buttons, and some side-ways ribbing on the collar, but I just opted out of all that to make it simple and get it done.
All in all, I do love how it turned out and Lukka really likes it, though thinks it is very hot! The ribbing on the cuffs and bottom were supposed to be a different color, but I also changed …

Visual Monday: Key

Love all these images. Peaceful, curious, hidden. All pictures found via


I'm still here. After a hectic week that I wasn't really prepared for, the blog activity was the first thing to go. I'm working on a few craft posts, a book review, and a DIY post that Stefan helped with. Stay tuned. Fresh posts daily this week! Thanks for understanding.* photocredit

Visual Monday (on a Tuesday): Color

Here's to hopin' your day is brightened. Enjoy. All images via