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Casablanca, Bonk, An Interesting Night.

Stefan and I got Netflix back in early spring, and all of the movies I've chosen were the 2008 Academy Award Nominees (sadly, I hadn't seen a single one) and some of the classics I had never seen. We both loved Gone With the Wind(the first movie my mother ever saw) and just the other night rented Casablanca. I don't think I had ever seen a movie with Ingrid Bergmanin it, but we both really liked the movie. S. usually doesn't like black and white movies, but he's a sucker for a respectable character. Throughout the movie, Rick (Bogart) is a constant rollercoaster of a character, one minute thinking "What a scoundrel!" to "Oh, she should be with him!".

Memorable quote (to be honest, first heard on When Harry Met Sally), "I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship".

Who doesn't like a Robin Hood story?

Bonk: The Courious Coupling of Science and Sex, by Mary Roach This nonfiction book was one of the funniest I'…

Round 1

I have been doing a lot of things during my day lately, and have been so tired that during the evening I do not want to blog, but go lay on the couch and read a book. Until today. I have the willpower to do 7 posts today (movie/book reviews, some recent goings on) and then just put them up one/day this week. After this week, I am going to take a chanllenge I first saw hereand recently saw here. It's fun and colorful, and with minimal words (as an English major, I could write you a book on just about any topic), which I think will be good for me. We've had so much happen in the past month, and so much to happen in June/July. And so unfolds post #1:
We haven't sold the house yet, however, we're still very hopeful, and a couple came back this week to look at it a second time after viewing it first on Sunday. This is a great sign. What isn't a great sign is that our realtor isn't answering any of our emails or phone calls. We've had about 1-3 people/couples look…

We've Hit Another Milestone

Lukka is now walking part-time. When he really wants to book-it across the living room, he falls to all four and picks up the pace, this new "Walking" milestone sure is fun to watch.

Back From California

Ok. I know. I'm a few days late. Forgive me. Also, this is the only picture you'll have of our vacation for a few more days. My in-laws brought their wonderfulCanon Rebel, so my little Nikon Suck 1.0 didn't get much action. Apparently, it only shot 6 pictures! I'm a little embarrassed for it. Anyway, a recount of our trip:
Sunday 3:30AM--Wake up Lukka and head to Omaha airport--arrive in LAX at 11AM (1PM) and drive to Huntington Beach for lunch with brother-in-law, drive to our resort hotel at Palm Desert 2 hours away, relax for rest of the dayMonday-wake up, hang out, go to pool for a few hours, take a walk, relax, relax, relaxTuesday-head out to Huntington Beach again to pick up BIL (he stayed with us for the rest of the week) and swam in the ocean for the very first time. Jumped in wave after wave. Had a blast with hubs while Lukka played in the sand.Wednesday- Friday--see Monday
Saturday--5 1/2 hour drive to Paso Robles, where BIL (different BIL) wedding was. It w…

Hipster Haiku

So I've been checking things off my list like cleaning is going out of style. I even fit in a big gentle 1/2 hour brushin' for my shedding puppy--he looks 5 lbs skinnier now! :)
Lukka's down for a nap and all I have left on my cleaning list is:
mop floorsvacuum couches3 loads of laundryand...packing!Hipster Haiku, by Siobhan Adcock is a small little pocket book with one haiku per page, making this an easy 30 minute read. A little chuckle before bedtime, really. I wouldn't buy this book for the $9.95 Amazon has it listed for, but her website is pretty funny, and the poems are ironic. A good book for my ILL.A few haiku for you, dear readers:Sometimes I worryI'll be the only grandmaWith no bicep tat* * *While he sleeps, I spyAnn Coulter on his bookshelfSlip out quietly

Last 2 Projects Finished!

Phew! I'm wiping my brow as I've just finished the last two things on my craft list (sorry, no picture of friend's nursing cover--I forgot to snap one, dangit! The fabric she picked out was beautiful, and it (thankfully) turned out WAY better than mine did. I think I overheated my machine...)

I picked out a cream and violet small floral print for mine, reminiscent of my favorite all time print for fabric: toile . Because it's a busy pattern, you can't see through the other side, it's lightweight, and it will work well for both boy and girl.
My favorite project of the last few weeks was this adorable "elf" bonnet with I-cord ties.
I can't wait to give it to my friend! However, I made the XS (newborn) and this baby will easily wear it this winter when she's over 6+ months old!
For the rest of the week, I've canceled all "play dates" and Lukka and I will relax together going on walks with the dogs (before they get kenneled for the first…


Ever heard of Design Mom? (Hopefully you haven't been living under a rock) She's an awesome designer in New York that has superb taste. She and two other bloggy moms started up this website Skirt--design and blog mesh with motherhood and style. Only now they've changed their name (internet drama) to Kirtsy, and they have a whopping good giveaway. Why don't you enter?!

3 Projects, 2 More for this Week

I am feeling the need to be done with projects before our California trip (we head out early Sunday morning!). This recycled tote with an embroidered nest on it will go to my friend out in Cali who just had a baby.

This next thing was hardly a "project" but I ran out of time last night (when you start sewing upside down, it's time to go to bed!) An added strap to my favorite bucket hat will make it a little harder for the Bug to pull it off--keeping that protection from the sun on!
Yikes. Sorry for the bad picture quality, this will be for another friend who just had a baby (Congrats!) from our church. It will look like this.
PS--Thanks J for the suggestion for wooden circular needles--they have revolutionized my knitting--I can't stop know!
Next on my list is a Nursing Coverfor me, and one for a friend!

Crafternoon With E: Soap for Mother's Day

This is so easy to make, and was a big hit with grandma's, moms, and aunts for Mother's Day.
Step 1: block of glycerin, "Chunked" and put into pot to melt

Stir every so often (so it won't harden in the pot), get ready your dishes/pans/molds for the soap to be pored into with either scents, food coloring, or pieces of nature (grass, flowers, etc).
Wait 40 min to harden, cut into desired shapes. We took an old grocery bag, cut it into strips and put them around 2-3 bars.
Attach with a homemade sticker and watch the ladies swoon!

Busy Bug

Uh-Oh! Mum found me in her paints!! Come over hereto see what other mischief I've been in!

Happy Mothers Day


Okay, I Stink at cooking. I'm just gonna' put it out there. I don't like to take the time to make a meal, set it on the table, chop it up for little one, and then wash everything 35 minutes later. I would rather eat out every night. Maybe I'd order in on Fridays. This got noticeably worse when I got pregnant. I did not want to wait 30 minutes, I wanted food NOW. Yikes.

However, being as we're trying to get outta debt (fully funded emergency savings after today!!) , I have a budget to stick with, which means maybe eating out once a month and eating...from scratch...every other day. Which means I sorta' hafta' kinda' cook already!

During the last six months or so--when we really got gung-ho about the budget/debt free thing, I started to take more time to think about what was going to be for dinner. Just last month I took the leap to look at the adds and make a grocery list. I kid you not people, I never thought I'd spend enjoyable time doing this. I joi…


I am slowly learning to print. I have had the desire for a number of years, love stamps, and have done the whole potato thing before.
I have secretly pined for this book by this lady for awhile, when I needed to get some things off amazon, I "discretely" slipped it in. LOVED IT!
This small, swedish lady has given simple directions on a number of ways to print on paper or fabric in easy language! I can't wait to start!

Book Junkie--Linky Love

So...I went to the library today to pick up an inter library loan book, which I will find very helpful (girl has over 15 new embroidery stitches!) in the next week or so. It is more advanced than last week's book, but that lady has Awesome Patterns (I'm biding my time before I can buy:Forrest Friends, Bon Voyage,Unicorn Believer, Craftopia, Mermaids, and Krazy Kitchen ((okay, I seriously didn't know I wanted alllllllof those!)) !)

Anyway, enough about that!
I have my great finds to tell y'all about (uh-oh, when I get into southern slang, it's all downhill from there!).
I picked up several more books...and (cringing) not one is on my "2008 Book List". Oops. But I really want to read them, and I'm going to! Then...then, I'll get back to that darn list. Here they are:
1) Letter To a Christian Nation: Sam Harris--yes, I'm a Christian, and no, he's not. This is his small book that is written for Christians by an atheist. We can't beat them at t…

Long Week...half way...

Now that Maria's baby quilt is finished and ready to be given, I can relax...a little. Did I mention the yard sale I'm having at my house tomorrow? No? Maybe you heard about the baby shower Saturday? You must have heard about our open house on Sunday! I'm pooped just telling y'all about it. Here's to being thankful my vacation starts in 17 days!