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Linky Love


Linky love is back and after it's rather long hiatus I've got tons of inspiration-filled DIY's, fresh color palettes, a few diet and nutrition goodies, and we couldn't be politically incorrect without a few news clips. Enjoy!
  • My favorite SAHM blogger has another beautiful and interesting e-course up called Style Your Space all about pulling together a beautiful home with vintage, thrifted, or made ideas. Promises of snooping through other blogger houses included!
  • Um, this was hilarious. And true. Don't ever say those things to me.
  • At Simple Organic a really exhaustive post was put together titled Identifying and Avoiding Toxins in Beauty Care products. For those of you who revel in your "no 'poo" method, this post is for you.
  • I'll be watching Last Train Home very soon. It's in my living room as I type.
  • I checked out the book, Handmade Weddings from the library simply for the pictures, but I loved what I found inside. Color palettes, themes, and amazingly cute party DIYs for (just about) any occasion. The party-thrower in me just geeked out.
  • Really now? REALLY? We had to waste tax-paying dollars on this? I think we can all agree that mess needs to end.
  • Although I don't ascribe to AP (Attachment Parenting) for many reasons, I really appreciated this sincere and thoughtful post on what it means to comply (or not) to a parenting philosophy.
  • I can't wait to meet those little chickies! And, more importantly...their eggs.
  • Dude, sign the petition. It's a little ridiculous how close this is to passing into law!
  • So e-courses are the new black, and here are a few I've seen around blog-land that look neat: Creativity Boot Camp, Dream Job, and Playful Learning Spaces. I've been drooling over that last one but it comes with a hefty price tag of $125...GASP.
  • I need to rotate a wintry picture in our living room. This one looks about right.
  • I so loved this (adult-friendly) kid's idea for making poetry interesting.
  • Loved this WSJ post about "The Montessori Mafia". Very interesting.
  • Free art downloads from Free your Soul. Thanks Mia!
  • Maria Shriver Interviews Poet Mary Oliver was one of the best interviews I'd read in awhile. It helps that I love poetry...and nature...
  • Oh No They Didn't. (Oy. They did.) Oh help me!


kylee said…
I loved the WSJ Montessori post! I'm still going back and forth between Montessori and traditional for when Azra starts school, so it was great to see the impact it can have on children in their adulthood.

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