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Book #4 Finished Tonight!

Through InterLibraryLoan I was able to snag a copy of Unprotected from the Omaha Public Library system. It's 151 pages of statistics and well researched motives for the current "Women's Health" crises facing today's college campus health centers today. The author, Anonymous, M.D. is a clinician at a large, well-known college who, because of the 'politically correct' laws and regulations for medical centers, is finding that she is unable to help the majority of clients who walk in the doors. Almost 70% of the people who visit M.D.'s (she's a counselor) office are women who she feels she is unable to help because of questions she is not allowed to ask. To understand what I mean by this, here's a quote from the Introduction section of her book,

"You probably didn't know what some insider psychologists are now revealing: that "psychology, psychiatry, and social work has been captured by an ultraliberal agenda" and that there are "special interest mafias" in our national organizations. Likely, you didn't hear that certain points of view are "squelched," that there are "horror stories" of "shunning and intimidation", and that many will not speak up, fearing ridicule, various attack, or loss of tenure or stature. A past president of the APA (American Psychology Association), in a book about this alarming situation, wrote, "I lived through the McCarthy era and the Hollywood witchhunts and, as abominable as these were, there was not the insidious sense of intellectual intimidation that currently exists under political correctness" (Anonymous, xviii-xix, emphasis mine).

How sad that actual statistics are being shoved 'under the rug' because the scientists and researchers doing the studies fear they will loose their jobs because the outcome doesn't meet up with the political agendas certain organizations have in mind. This has got to stop! It is harmful to these clients who walk in to M.D.'s office, and she can't say anything, even when they put the public at large in danger (read it for yourself--"Saving Patient Brian"). This is not book that promotes any religious worldview (although M.D. does have a chapter that has statistics that faith-believing people live longer and have more positive outlooks on life), but clearly staying objective as possible, she has researched (and made excellent arguments) concerning abortion, HIV/AIDS, Infertility in Later Years of Life, and STDs. This is a must-read. It only took me a day to read it, and I'm so glad I did. I feel a little less polarized that research backs up the values I hold, and the Journal of Medicine can prove it.
Book #5 is still being 'readied' at the library. It was newly aquired, but it's not at my branch yet (I'm assuming they haven't sealed it with that plastic wrap and a barcode yet), but here's a link (it's a very similar topic as Unprotected).


womeninhisimage said…
Sarah! You are a woman after my own heart. I agree that there is just not enough homework in our Beth Moore study!! Also, I want to read this book as I also have a great interest in the modesty "topic" and have been thinking about posting on that in my blog for some time. I have a good link to a bit on NPR:

Pics of your house on Washington are awesome -- great job on the remodel! I'm bummed that you are moving to Canada :(

See you at Grace!

Meg Robison

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