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Cleaning Task List is DONE!

Phew! These last 8 weeks have been very busy for us at the Mast house. We've done any and all types of organization, cleaning, and fix up around the house because I know my abilities with a newborn and a busy toddler will be next to nothing. I also know that the last few weeks of my first pregnancy, I didn't want to do anything that involved me moving very far from the couch!
I'm now at 25 days left and am feeling tired at almost every turn. I am so thankful I got my huge list done! It was great timing, too, since I'm kind of a baby about going outside when it's -10 degrees or driving in snow with a new car. Lukka helped me do a lot of the things, but mostly just played around while I was in the same room.
Now that I can feel that my full-force nesting period is over, I can rest assured that my house is as clean as it's (probably ever) going to get, and I am feeling comfortable with whenever the timing of the new babe comes. A few things we did around the house are (but definitely not limited to!):
1)cleaning the entire bathroom, from bleaching the tile and baseboards to scrubbing the tub and shower for 45 minutes (my most hated job, I kept for last, and it was finished last night! 2 magic erasers sparkles!)
2)maintenace all smoke detectors and install a carbon monoxide one
3) wash/fold/sort all tubs of old and new (Free!) baby clothes into sizes, and pack hospital bag with clothes
4)move Lukka's room around (see below post)
5) vacuum/wash/detail car and install carseat base (Stefan laughed at me saying, "that will be unused for a few more weeks, ya know!")
6) dust all wood in the house...i.e. every last INCH of our house
7) steam grime away from our kitchen & bathroom floor corners and all appliances (YUCK)
8) bleach and clean refrigerator (again, YUCK)
9) turn and flip mattresses, replace linens at the same time (no, I don't just wash the linens once a year...just so you know!)
10) clean the toaster oven and stove/oven (TRIPLE YUCK)
That is just a third of my list, but I am already feeling sleepy from typing so much. All I can say is I'm glad I had tons of energy the last few weeks, because I got everything done on my list, and now the only "Tasks" I have left are three wonderful craft projects waiting for me to finish while sitting down!:
1) the baby knit bag
2) finish Lu's scrapbook (it's looking great!)
3) make small bassinet sheets
I'll do posts on those, I just wanted ya'all to know why I haven't been posting very much AT ALL! But I'm done!
This Monday I treated myself to a visit out to Gretna with Lukka to see my old college roomate and her daughter, I'll leave you with a cute pic (PS--sure wish I had one of those "containers" for Lukka when he was her age!)

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RT said…
You're having a girl, right? If you need any more girly things, just holler. I have clothes stored away in totes!
Lori said…
Oh my goodness. I am so jealous! I never really thought of making a list of stuff to deep clean, although that would be awesome! The only problem is actually doing it. Cleaning isn't my favorite thing in the world.
Good for you Sarah!!!!!
Ashley said…
HOLY COW!! You did this all PREGGO!!?! I have zero excuses now. Yeesh.

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