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Birth Story

For those of you who love hearing others' birth stories, this post is for you!

On Monday night, Feb 16th, around 11PM, I had with a really tight Braxton Hicks contraction, so tight that it actually woke me up! I had never been woken up by them before, but still having about 2 more weeks to go, I got up to go to the bathroom, and didn't think much about it. A half hour later, I woke up again, to another one. "This is odd" I thought, but really didn't put any thought into it other than that. Another hour, two more contractions after every 30 minutes. At this point I was feeling a little sick to my stomach, and thought that because I had eaten pizza earlier in the week, this was a random gluten-induced stomach cramp. I spent the next hour in the bathroom, ahem, not feeling so well, and took a bath to make my stomach ache go away (what is it with pregnant ladies and baths? I certainly took my share of them with this pregnancy!). After I was warmed up from the chills, I tried to go back to sleep. I woke up every 30 minutes with another 1 minute long contraction. I thought, "could it be? Nah! She won't come early!"
Around 7, when Stefan, Lukka and I get up to start our day, I had another, and at 7:30, another...Stefan had the day off (how lucky!) and so we decided to have a fun day with Lukka: a walk, a park, the donut shop! Little did we know it would be his last big Hurrah before becoming a big brother!
Throughout the day, the contactions continued and by naptime (12-3:30), they were coming every 15 minutes, although, still not hard to endure (at fact they were maybe a 2 or 3 on the pain scale) and until dinner, I really did think they would go away.
During naptime, I called my midwife and told her what was going on--she wasn't too concerned and told me to come into the office around 6 (it was 2:30 at this point) to see if "anything dramatic had happened". I told Stefan he should come with me and he said, "Why? You'll be coming home!" He was convinced they would go away , too, since Lukka was 6 days overdue, surely she wouldn't arrive almost 20 days before he did?
During dinner, I had to pause during each contraction and focus on letting my body relax, they were between 5-7 minutes apart, lasting from 30 sec-90sec. They still didn't hurt that much, and were very manageable. At six, we headed over to the midwife, once my mom came over to watch Lukka in case we had to go to the hospital. Once we got to the office, they recorded my weight, and my last visit and this one I had lost weight. Odd? The nurse told me, "you lost weight! That is a sign of labor!" How did I not know that before?
As the midwife checked, she was amazed--7cm already! I was laughing and chatting like it was no big deal. So, she said, "lets go to the hospital--you're having a baby tonight!"
At that point Stefan and I were shocked, but somewhat excited, and had the hospital bag with us in the car just in case. The ride to the hospital was getting a little uncomfortable, but the labor and delivery unit is on the 4th floor, and from the parking lot is a LONG walk if you are in the late stage of labor--I had to stop and lean on the wall and (probably) moan while having a contraction while strangers walked by and felt sorry for me. I was still relatively comfortable, the pain maybe being only a 6.
Once we got into the room, the first hour of labor was fairly easy, pain still at a 6, but I decided to get into the water because I was bored. The contractions slowed down so much I was worried I had accidentally stopped my labor! So I got out and just walked around the room, leaning on Stefan when I needed to, and endured a nasty 1/2 hour of being hooked up to that darn monitor (no wonder people want drugs, I could hardly stand being strapped to that stupid thing and remember being very annoyed with the (SUPER NICE) nurse who wouldn't let me get out of bed). Around 8 cm, I started to become really really cold and tired, and just wanted to lay down with blankets. No more cheerful Sarah, I could hardly open my eyes, but still, pain was not yet nearing 10, maybe 7 1/2 at this point.
The midwife broke my water and I hopped into the tub, to deliver my daughter via waterbirth. After 30 minutes of really tough pushing (pain definitely a 10!), she was delivered head AND body at once at 10:19 PM Feb. 17th, and was immediately put on my chest, where the midwives checked her out and couldn't stop commenting on how cool her hair was! :)
They took her while I got out and got warmed up and took her weight, height, etc. while I rested. Immediately after the birth in the hot tub, I felt great, and was elated. I didn't have the same experience with Lukka, unfortunately, I was given a lot of pitocin and couldn't handle those nonstop contractions, leading me to have to have an epidural. This birth I was unmedicated and therefore felt great right after-word, if a little tired. My recovery was super quick, compared to months with Lukka. While pregnant, it is always good to mentally prepare for anything, but I truly wanted an unmedicated waterbirth and therefore had to practice relaxing techniques. If Stefan and I decide to have another child, I would definitely do it the same as this time, and we both liked having midwives rather than doctors help us with the labor and delivery. I have done a lot of research into midwifery and natural childbirths since Lukka's birth almost 2 years ago, and have heard nothing but wonderful things from others who use them as well. If you'd like more information about midwives here in Lincoln or how they practice differently from doctors, please ask!
Hope you enjoyed "the baby story" :)


Tana said…
With Joey, I told my midwife that I was not going to do the 30 minutes of monitoring when I got to the hospital, that it was "medieval torture" for pregnant women. She agreed, and I didn't have to do it. This time, on my first prenatal appt, I reminded her that I wasn't doing it again this time either, and she told me I would be surprised at how many women these days are refusing to do it. It really is nasty.

And my 2nd birth was natural, waterbirth after a pitocin/epidural first birth. I'm with you on that - much, much better, thank you very much.
kylee said…
So I have a midwife as well and am planning on a water birth, but I'm curious as to where you got info on the relaxation techniques. I can't even focus enough to do the deep breathing during yoga before my self-diagnosed ADD kicks in! Did you read books or get the info from you midwife?
Lori said…
Sarah, I loved reading this! That is almost the perfect birth story ever. :)
Mine is actually quite similar to yours minus the fact that I had an emergency c-sect b/c Isaiah was breech. I hope to post my own birth story in the next few days!
RT said…
Congrats again on your sweet girl! I loved reading your birth story.
StephG said…
Way to go, Sarah! :) Thanks for sharing!
urban craft said…
Thanks for your story. I had a midwife also and did not have hospital birth. I don't know of any hospitals that even let you attempt a water birth. Thank you for sharing, you story lets more people know that midwifes are safe and sometimes the most helpful for deliveries!

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