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How To: Pick Your Own

This week my mom took Bug, Peanut Lady, and I out to Roca Berry Farm, in Roca, Nebraska, for some yummy strawberry picking right off the vine. Roca Berry is one of the few places surrounding Lancaster county where you can pick your own berries, and their main attraction is the kid-friendly Halloween set-up they have every September-October. Since strawberry picking only lasts about 2 weeks around here, we had to hurry up and get them while they lasted. They literally are some of the best berries around. Bug and Hubs don't really like strawberries, and they both lovvvvvvvvvved these!
Grandma helps Bug figure out where they are (hiding under the plants, low to the ground) and how to check for bug-bitten strawbs.
Our beautiful yield. Delicious! In fact, I don't even think any of these will make it to a jam-jar, they are SOO good just how they are! Here's the little Picker carrying the basket.
If you are a local, hurry and go within the next few days, or wait til' next year. If you are looking for a farm where you and your family can pick your own fruits or veggies, check out the website PickYourOwn. Filter by state, and you will be shocked at all the farms in your area, I sure was!
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Anonymous said…
Seriously only two weeks? So want to go!
the DISH said…
Glad you guys made it out, Weren't those berries fantastic!

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