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In Review: The China Study


The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II
This is by far the most important book I've read this year, and no doubt it will hold that place through the rest of Fall and Winter. It is not a 'fad diet' book, but a very thourough and detailed account of a 27 year study done on the link between nutrition and disease.
In a nutshell, eating a whole, plant -based diet is the key to avoiding obesity, heart disease, diabetes, most autoimmune diseases and even cancer.
People, this is important, as we all know at least one person who has one of the above, and obesity is literally now taking its toll on our nation's children along with the adults it always plagued, some of whom are now at serious risk and being diagnosed with diabetes.
The author has sat on numerous national boards for nutrition and is one of the most knowledgable in the field. He even writes in his book that this information will be very hard to convey in his lifetime. It will take a long time for Americans (and Western cultures) to turn their diet away from a big juicy hamburger with a side of fries and a chocolate shake to drink.

The author, T. Colin Campbell, grew up on a diary farm and began researching nutrition at MIT, leading him to receive grants (27 years!) for a massive study on the link between cancer and animal protein ("protein" is different in plants and animals, our bodies are very able to absorb plant protein, not animal protein...which is in any product made from animals including meat, cheese, yogurt, butter, and milk). His findings were extraordinary and profound, eat a whole foods, plant-based diet and cure your ailments ranging from those extra pesky pounds to breast cancer!
Like I mentioned in a post awhile back, Stefan and I have changed our diets significantly since reading this book. We have stopped buying meat (although if we are served it at someone's house we will eat it), and cut our dairy + eggs intake by over half. I have lost a bit of weight (without changing my exercise routine) and Stefan has much more energy.
A few years ago, if I ran across a vegan, I would look at them and think, "You're NUTS! How can you do it? I can understand not eating meat, but CHEESE??!"
That was my way of thinking before reading this book, but it scared the dairy right out of me! This book is somewhat hard to read, because it is a medical book explaining everything from how our bodies absorb every single nutrient to why 3rd world countries don't die of diseases of "affluence" like cancer & heart disease. It also explains why fad-diets don't work. This diet has cured cancer in documented cases via the Gerson Theory. It is fascinating. It is not a fad-diet book. It's important. I don't recommend you check it out at the library, I'm telling you to buy it, so you can highlight and research what you don't believe, and then throw it across the room when it all makes sense and everything you've learned about since gradeschool is wrong!
Speaking of which, those 'food pyramid' posters that you remember with 2-3 servings daily of meat & dairy products? That has been changed. The pyramid has been revised. They advise minimal dairy and minimal red meats (eggs are still somewhat in the clear). Wanna know what is strictly at the bottom? Veggies + Fruits + UNREFINED Grains+ Healthy Fats & Oils!

If you still have doubts after reading the book, just look to our ancestors, there was a reason Adam and Eve were vegetarians, it was for optimal health!!

GO READ IT! 5 out of 5 stars.

Vegan Food Pyramid


Baby Girl is 6 months old! Go check out pics & stats at BabyMast!


Cara said…
I've been wanting to borrow this book for a while, since it's brought up when I talk about the Nourishing Traditions (polar opposite!) way of eating often. I like to research both sides of any argument, and this sounds like the way to go. We follow The Maker's Diet/Nourishing Traditions and I feel really healthy and satisfied, but the two views are so different!
Clay said…
I second your thumbs up for this book. Shortly after I read it, what do you know, T. Colin Campbell himself happened to be lecturing at nearby BYU. It was so informative to listen to his story. I asked him if the science community/pharma was up in arms about his findings, because in my opinion what he wrote in the China Study "destroys their craft" so to speak. He answered in a very non-controversial way that yes, there were those who are trying to discredit him, but that it is difficult to argue with the research and ultimately with the conclusions that the book comes to about meat and cancer rates.

It has been a sort of gold standard for me ever since. Not that I have the self control to go off meat completely, but it has had enough of an impact that I eat it very rarely.
I found you from your comment on the Health, Home & Happiness blog. Your daughter is SO cute!

There are a lot of flaws in the China Study. Please see this review, which I thought was very insightful:

Also, since you are feeding a baby -- and as a mother to a 2-year-old, I know how much we care deeply about nutrition, esp. for our little ones -- you might want to check out this podcast:

The woman interviewed, Lierre Keith, was a vegan for 20 years. She stopped having her period and was having major issues with bone density.

I hope you will listen to this podcast with an open mind -- for the health of your daughter.


Ann Marie
Anonymous said…
hmmm...I've read that review, and Dr. Collins' response. We all have to make our own judgments, and that is becoming increasingly difficult in a world flooded with information. In my opinion, the review you cited is largely without merit, for what that's worth! ;-))
Gillian said…
Found your webpage because of your comment on Keeper of the Homes Blog. There are a lot of unhealthy Vegans and Vegetarians out there unfortnatly giving the whole food, plant based concept a bad name. When done right a whole foods plant based diet has overwhelming long term evidence of being the best!:) Another great resource is The Wellness Forum ( She is big on long-term scientific research. I found her through T. Colin Cambells website.

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