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Slow Down Time and some Linky Love!


Hello again!

Sorry I dropped off blogland for awhile, but we've had lots of goings-on at Our House lately. For one, our internet has been spotty all week, and whenever I sat down to look at email or peruse my favorite websites, I couldn't! To be fixed later...

Secondly, our children are not sleeping in the same room anymore, they did great for a few months, but after weeks of disciplining L. with getting out of bed at night and waking up his little sister, who did not find that funny in the least bit, we've decided to let him sleep in the computer room at night (the only other room is ours!), and during naptime, which means my time of the computer has literally been chopped down to one hour a night which normally is our dinner time.

Until we work out a better situation, I might not be blogging or getting online as much as I used to, and I've actually kind of enjoyed taking a huge break from the internet. Although, my inbox did not!

These next few months are some of my favorite in Nebraska, since we have absolutely beautiful fall weather, and along with numerous bridal & baby showers I'm throwing or co-throwing, taking an art class & cinema class I'd like to invest lots of time in, and tons of Christmas gifts I'm going to be making,not to mention being a fully present and less stressed-out mamma, blogging won't really be a priority for awhile. I'll still check in once in awhile, and if I'm lucky, blog once or twice a week . I do have about 5-6 post ideas that I'm working on, one being about unschooling, for a friend of mine! :)

In the meantime, here are are a few of the things I've been enjoying and looking forward to lately:

  • Lindsey's comparison post on One-Size Pocket Diapers (the type we prefer, they fit newborn through toddler and the pocket means you remove the absorbent pad in the back). GREAT for those starting out wanting to get the most bang for their buck with cloth diapering!

  • This little girl knitting!

  • My IKEA trip coming up in a month with my MIL, SIL & Ani. Got my IKEA, Montessori, Anthropologie, World Ark, and Joann catalogs all in the same day--awesome. Seriously. Can't. Wait. Just look. at. these. goodies!Seriously.

  • This awesome book I am hoping to get from ILL. The Antropologie of DIY kids' books!

  • My favorite season:: fall, and the applejack festival that I get to go to every year! This year the kiddos and I are going with a good friend and her daughter. Can't wait for the Carmel Apples I wait for every year!! Not to mention, the apple slushies, apple pie, kettle corn, and americana crafts! Geez, only a few more days of waiting! Local? Info HERE.

  • My two favorite TV actors having a conversation? Their new seasons coming up? YES PLEASE!!

  • My Corinne Bailey Rae + Amy Winehouse + Billie Holiday pandora radio station. Seriously can't get enough of these amazing women.

  • My book club! We picked out some amazing reads until the end of May and the first book we're reading is the One Book One Lincoln pick from Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks: People of the Book! Check out my shelfari on the left side bar to see what I'm readin'. Reviews to come, of course!

  • Some amazing, amazing, amazing movies coming out in theatres and those to my netflix! Yay!

  • And lastly, some good news! Someone is interested in our house AND my hubby has an interview with the LPD!! Woohoo!

Enjoy your week!


julie k said…
Our internet has been awful the past few days, too. So frustrating!

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