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Cabin Fever: Fun Toddler Activites for a Snow Day

Just popping in to do a give my local readers some ideas for a snow day with an active toddler around! Normally, we are all about going outside in all seasons, but with today being the coldest day ever (seemingly) I just can't bear to take baby Ani outside. Got a little monkey on your hands who would also like to be outside but you're worried about blustery winds chapping those little cheeks? Here are some ideas!

  • Bake your favorite sweets & start dinner! If you're anything like me, I develop a twitch when it's time to start dinner before my husband gets home. Why not take a little longer and let your kiddo help you out. It might get messy, but hey! You've got tons of time to clean it up! :)

  • Bubble bath + tub toys = Mom's best friend. Tub crayons also a plus. Pop them in with loads of bubble bath and some warm water and wash those little tootsies clean, and let them play for 20,30 minutes!

  • Tea time! A tea set or cups & pourers of all shapes and sizes are very fun for toddlers. Let them pour with water in a big flat tub (like a flat rubbermaid) or with a sink full of dishes. This is how we first got Lukka into helping us actually wash dishes! :)

  • Fort Making! Tear off all the blankets, pillows, and cushions on all couches and proceed to have an hour (!) of fun with making forts, jumping into big pillow piles, and getting that energy out! Double points for coolest nook & cranny!

  • Bring the snow inside! Although this wouldn't work for our place (snow = outside, our tub = 3rd floor) I've seen {Under the Sycamore} bring snow into the tub and play with it there for kids who want to experiment with food coloring & eating snow! And just think, you don't have to put any extra clothes on!

  • Make a Felt Storyboard. I recently made one of these for Lukka out of the following: black felt (2 sheets), a cheap-y canvas from Hobby Lobby, and some felt scraps, (use either a heavy stapler or hot glue to put ends of black felt onto canvas so it sticks). Here is a pic of my friend Julie's handmade felt storyboard for her daughter!

  • Books, books, and more books. This is a given, but why not cozy up on a "picknick" blanket with all sorts, reading, coloring, and sticker books. Who would have guessed we would have an avid sticker collecter on our hands if we hadn't tried this!

  • Fingerpainting or lacing games. Fingerpaint, posterboard, and a plastic tablecloth should be staples with a toddler. Add a few fun paintbrushes and they'll have a ball! See my 'toddler banner' post about how to make easy-peasy lacing cards.

  • Have your toddler 'develop' his mad photo skills. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Although you probably don't want them touching your shiny new SLR, a toddler of 2 1/2 + can't hurt a little point and shoot, Lukka LOVES this activity and loves to see his work on the computer when he's all done!
  • Stuffed Animal Stories. In our house, we have one 'bucket' that holds all our teddies, and when we need it, I pull it out. We make up stories about the animals, talk about what they do in the wild, what kind of food they eat, and how they "move" & "talk"--yes, re-enactment is a must for this one!
  • Movie Time! When all else fails, why not pop some popcorn, make a yummy drink and let your kid pick out a movie!

If it's nice enough to play outside in the snow...

  • Take a "sleigh ride"! My kids love doing this, and yes, one is under 1 year old! Lukka sits on the sled first and then holds onto his little sister's tummy so she won't fall. I take hold of the reigns & walk them around the neighborhood. Like a wagon ride, only winter-ready!
  • Make a snow igloo/snowman/etc. Obvious, and yet, totally fun! Stefan and Lukka made an igloo with our first "dump" of snow and they could both fit in it plus Arjax, our lab!
  • Take the pouring activity outside. All types of kitchen utensils + snow = just as fun as water, yet different to a toddler!
  • Get them to help you shovel. Nope, not kidding. Lukka has his own version of a shovel, and when we go out there to shovel, he tromps along, shovelling bits and pieces we've "missed". Totally funny and he loves to do purposeful work! (He doesn't have that one, a similar one.)

For more fun activities throughout the year, inside or outside, here is a list of resources I've found very helpful!

What activities do you do on snow days?


Thanks Lady!! I think after our messy lunch today, Miss Maddie-Cakes is getting the bubble bath activity today!!
StephG said…
Yay...Felt boards!!!! So fun! I loved mine when I was little.

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