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Ladies Weekend!

Just last weekend, my friend E and I drove down to Kansas City, MO, for a little girl time. We left early Saturday morning, drove without any traffic, and arrived at the Plaza for some all-day shopping. Of course we went to my favorites, American Apparel, Anthropologie, and The North Face Store, and just about every other store in between.
After lunch at P.F. Chang's (it's so great to have a best friend who wants exactly the same food you do!) we checked into our hotel for some R & R on the pool deck, sitting amidst 20+ story sky-scrapers. It was pretty windy up there!
After getting dressed up, we went down to the Power & Light district, a few blocks from our hotel, and checked out the new beer garden & free live concert that was going on after eating at an Irish Pub, Raglan Road (delicious, but expensive!).
Something that stuck out to me were all the bridal parties hanging out, bride in either white (with pink bridesmaids) or red (with black bridesmaids). Seriously, there were about 10 parties, and they seemed to all be wearing the same thing!
After a late night with hanging out with a former co-worker from E's & my Barnes & Noble days, we crawled into bed and got 8 hours of sleep! Sunday, we woke up, got ready, and headed out to the fabulous River City Market. It's literally 1/3 flea market, 1/3 farmers' market, 1/3 bakeries & eateries. It was SO much fun! They go on every weekend on Saturdays (way busier) and Sundays! We parked super close, had some great produce, and I even found a few things for really cheap that I'd been looking for for awhile. A vintage, excellent condition suitcase for $4, a double-wide, metal Red Flyer wagon for $10(!!) and this cool wooden doll stroller for $4! Not to mention the fabulous fresh picked strawberries and macaroons that barely made it out of the parking lot.
(excuse the hair, it was SO humit and hot there!)
Something else I had wanted to try while there was Bubble Tea. I have heard lots about all over blog land, but I couldn't find anything like that in Lincoln (does anyone local know about this?). It was SO fun to try at Lollicup, in the RCMarket. Those black balls in the tea (above) are called BOBAS and they are tapioca balls that literally taste, inside my Strawberry tea, like gummis! It was good! We both liked it and would get it again.
One of my favorite sections in my favorite store. I could seriously just pick these up, feel them, and put them back for the next one!
Do you and your girlfriends take an annual vacation? It was good for my soul to be with these girls for the weekend!


crystal said…
Several of the Vietnamese restaurants around town serve bubble tea. . . haven't tried them myself but Mike Hsu is huge fan. :) I'm glad you had such a fun weekend.
sweet! I will check them out--I have actually never been to a Vietnamese resturaunt here. S
RT said…
Yep, ask Mike! I had one from him once. (Not my fav, for the record.)

Girls' weekends rock. I take part in a Labor Day reunion and it's a-mazing. : )
kylee said…
That sounds like such a fun and relaxing trip! Perhaps I need to round up the Des Moines girls for a girls weekend like yours!
Tania said…
After having a crafty, girly weekend away myself, I am fully subscribed to wrangling as much of these as I possibly can! Fabulous stuff for the soul!
oobbles said…
The new sammich shop Balee 1 (on O, downtown, within walking distance of Jazz in June *cough cough*) has boba tea and boba milkshakes. Also the Viet place on 27th and... Vine (ish) has boba tea too.
oobbles said…
Oh and I meant to say too, that the sammiches at Balee 1 are SO super good. The chicken is my fave and they are huge and only $2.75!

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