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Product Review: Badger Balms


As it's starting to get colder outside, one thing I've been more apt to research is more natural/herbal remedies for flu & cold season. It seems we were sick quite a bit last year, and of course, sickness and feeling under the weather are just a part of life. Whether you choose rest and good old fashioned soup, orally take herbs & tinctures, or just pop a pill and go back to work; we all have to deal with sickness one way or another. In the past year or two I have become much more interested in herbal remedies simply because I think downing over-the-counter or perscription medecine is very harsh on our gut & bodily systems. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to ditch the bottles in your medecine cabinet, just make sure you're not drinking an entire bottle of nyquil in one week for a stuffy nose. There are better (and frankly, cheaper) ways of getting over a cold without the side effects. Obviously this does not apply for those with serious conditions that need high dosages of rx medecine like diabetes and insulin. I'm talking about non-consequential, everyday sicknesses in this post.

With all my research and desire to learn more about natural remedies, I can honestly tell myself (and you, dear readers!) that in my season of life, I just don't have the time or energy to make all of the natural remedies and try them out, willing as I may be. For in the short term, I am going to try to make do with simple solutions I can find around town that use natural ingredients instead, until that day when my entire medecine cabinet is filled with homemade balms, salves, syrups, etc.

Enter my product review: Badger Balms. We've had Badger in our home for about 4 or 5 years, and we really like them. Stefan got the Hardworking Balm for his hands while he was a carpenter and his hands took a rough beating in the frigid winters. Stefan is NOT a person who likes anything other than soap and water in the shower so for him to actually like putting a balm on his hands is practically jaw-dropping. It has worked well for him and he still continues to use it when needed.
I recently had bought a few more products to try out this winter, avoiding the side of the store that houses every solution to every ailment known to man. I found a little tiny corner of an endcap with Badger products on sale (ranging from $2.50-$7) and purchased Headache Soother Balm, Badger Lip Balm in Highland Mint, and from a few weeks back, Badger Chest Rub Balm for Anikka and her stuffy nose. All the ingredients are certified organic and there is nothing listed that I don't recognize...probably the most important aspect of these balms.

The chapstick has to be my favorite lip balm ever. I was a big fan of Burts Bees products, too, but found their chapstick to be much too strong, and actually burned my lips a bit. Badger lip balm is just the perfect amount of soothing, and strengthening (repairing my broken, chapped lips) that I need, and my lips have not become "addicted" to it (chapstick users, you know what I'm talking about!). Their Chest Rub worked wonders on Anikka, and I loved that instead of using a vapor rub full of chemicals I knew nothing about, I know specifically, from my research into herbs and essential oils, exactly which ingredients were helping her decongest and relax her for sleep. Badger Balms will have a permanant place in my medecine cabinet, at least until I am comfortable enough to make my own homemade concoctions! In small, recognizable tins, they make excellent additions to purses or backpacks and great stocking stuffers. I'm proud to support this great family-owned company, Badger Balms.

(please note: I did not receive anything for this review. I simply wanted to share how much I love their products and if they can help you and your family I feel my job has been done!)


kylee said…
Thanks for this post! I loved Vicks rub as a child, but knew that there had to be something out there that was a better option for Azra. I can't wait to go pick some up!
kylee said…
I just came across this post on homemade chest rub and thought of you:

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