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Week of Sewing: Girls

I wound up doing a lot more sewing for Anikka this past week because not only are there a lot more patterns for girls' clothes, I really needed to add some bloomers to her wardrobe. Currently she has one pair that she wears over her diaper at bedtime...and that's it. She is such a heat-box, just like me, that if we dress her in regular pajamas she winds up sweating and uncomfortable. Not only that but they are handy for under dresses, too, and a lot of the dresses we have don't come with them.
I love these cute little things. I love the prints, and I love how they fit her--perfectly. Again, another Lotta pattern, these weren't as simple as the book made them out to be. Jansdotter doesn't have many diagrams in her book and I work and learn visually, so that was a bit of a problem with the homemade bias that is supposed to be hidden! The pair underneath, if you look closely, has it on the outside, and it crinkles a bit more. By the second try, I had it down. And then forgot. Again.

These little things are so quick and fast I might just make 20 of them for upcoming babies. They fit super well and would be great size for an early toddler, maybe 18months and under. They fit Anikka perfectly like capris, and you can bet I will be showing these off, they are so cute on her!

The last project I tried was a simple dress, and I love these patterns. I love the color pallettes of each (the fruit is actually a chocolate brown, not black), and the deisgn of each. Of course layered together they're a bit of a hot mess, but individually they could kill with their cuteness. I haven't finished these, in fact the one on top only has one seam sewn up the side. The dress underneath, though, just needs a collar with, again, the homemade bias, and a button on the back. These will lok really cute with little leggings and a cardigan over the top.
I had such a fun week making all of these things and with my recent sewing splurge and with the likes of pinterest, I can easily tell which "season" I'm getting into. I usually rotate between knitting (winter), reading (summer), and sewing (spring and fall)....but I'm sensing an early break in tradition!


julie k said…

Maybe you are changing up your routine because you are wishing for Fall?
absolutely...we'll go with that! ;)

Davenport Dame said…
Sarah, these are so cute! I will definitely have to try to whip up some of these for my niece!
Lori said…
Oh my. LOVE!!!!
These are so great Sarah!
The patterns adorable too!
Renee said…
Posts like this make me think I should ask for a sewing machine as my "push present." I'm currently one of "those" wives/moms/women that don't own a sewing machine... but there comes a time in ever girl's life...
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