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Recipe Share: GF Veggie BBQ Pizza

One of my favorite things that I really miss from 'before' is cheap, greasy pizza. Pizza Hut was my favorite pizza place and I can still smell the overwhelming garlic on their breadsticks. Gluten, however, loves that place, too, and I can no longer eat there. I went without pizza for a long time because for a number of years after I was diagnosed with celiac, I could only find tiny, expensive (and disgusting) GF pizzas in the freezer section, and I was too nervous (lazy?) to make my own...especially knowing they wouldn't taste the same! Alas, this can now be made easily with the help of my good friend Bob and his Red Mill mixes. With their GF pizza mix a staple in our pantry, this pizza literally has only a few other ingredients. It's actually quite healthy, too. I first tasted a similar pizza at my friend M's house, who I believe got a similar recipe from The Dish. We're all friends here, so let's share!

*1 package GF pizza crust (or make your own from scratch)
* 1 bottle of Famous Dave's brand Apricot Bourbon bbq sauce (flavor NOT optional, people)
* 2 bell peppers chopped, (red, orange, yellow are the best)
* mozzarella cheese, 2 cups
*any other veg to layer (optional :)

Prepare GF pizza crust as directed. Heat oven to 425. Once crust has been heated once (see package directions--with GF crust, you want to do this because otherwise it may not get fully cooked), layer a lot of bbq sauce on crust, spread generous handfuls of peps and veg over pizza, and layer with cheese. Enjoy after the 15-17 minute cooking time. You may need a bit of milk with this, as it's SPICY! yum.
The great thing about this package is it makes 2 crusts, so prepare one for dinner, and prepare another one and put it in the freezer for later. It's amazing after so many YEARS without a frozen pizza, how nice it is to have one on hand.


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