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Around the Corner Music Studio Preschool Music: New Session Starting Soon!

This was, sadly, the only picture I took during my children's last 10 weeks at music class at Around the Corner Music Studio. This was a very fun session, and they seem to get better and better with each season! Here my children are playing a tambourine along with a festive Irish song while a child (they all take turns) dances in the middle of the circle. Even though I have one child who is exceptionally shy when doing things in big groups (just like his mama, he doesn't like attention drawn!), sister livened right up to the challenge each time this song was played and had at it, jumping and getting cherry-cheeked while loving it.
Around the Corner Music Studio is such a gem I found about 2 years ago through a friend on facebook.
I'd been looking for a music class to do with the kids, and everywhere I found, were 6 sessions for the same price and a full 60 minutes of time. I've never known a toddler or preschooler to sit still for that amount of time, so I knew it wouldn't work out. A friend of mine linked to the website on facebook of a lady who did 10-12 weeks per session, at 30 minutes per class (i.e. attention span intact upon leaving!) for the same price as the 6 week classes.
I thought we could try it out and it turns out the lady, "Mrs. Susie" is phenomenal. She draws out shy children, lets them have turns at different things like holding special 'musical animals', and teaches sharing and kindness with her wonderful music lessons, not to mention she has an incredible amount of energy and creativity that she pours into props (that assist with certain songs), song choice, actions, and instrumentation. There is no child too small to enjoy her classes, and I have also seen a number of babies, through the last 36 months, grow up in her classes and observe, listen, and then play as they get older. She is such a neat lady and I'm so excited we get to join another class session of hers before the summer hits.
"Preschool" is a misnomer as a child in early elementary (K-2) would LOVE this class as well, assuming they are home at the times the lessons meet. She has 3 sessions with different times to choose from, and for my two children I pay $135 for the 10 week session. Not $135 per child--that's per family for 10 classes. It's a super sweet deal and one I love to pass along because I love Mrs. Susie so much. My kids adore her, and have learned things like how to play/treat different instruments, rythms and beats, tempos, and a few of the famous composers (Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear :) along with the simple practice of singing a scale (each time) and some dancing. Each class is fresh and exciting, and although there might be 1-3 songs repeated throughout the course, a lot of new songs to learn. Mrs. Susie even makes an itunes list for families and sends it out over email, so I've been able to choose 10 out of the 20ish songs this session to buy and sing with my kids at home during down times.

Don't delay! Another Around the Corner Music Studio Preschool Music starts another session Wednesday, March 28th. The class times are Wednesdays 10:45-11:15, 11:30-12 (the one we do), and Thursday afternoons 3:30-4 and run through the end of May. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and hopefully I can answer them. Your child will love it, I know it!


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