Friday, May 4, 2012

Linky Love

As the last round of linky love was already two months ago (how does that happen?), I feel it's time to update you on all my great finds online. Enjoy!

  • I have been really enjoying the sharp writing of Peggy Orenstein lately, and I almost always want to shout a loud, "Amen, sister!" half-way through. 
  • This post made me realize just how lazy and un-thoughtful I am at decorating. True story.
  • Two of my favorite things to read online come from the same source: It's one 30-something girl's blog about just about everything. Her True Stories series and her Mini Travel Guides are some of my favorite treats to read every bi-week. Uraguay! My Mom Made Me Smuggle Drugs...all in one blog form and well-written. 
  • At the home school curriculum fair I hit the nail on the head with some really fun stuff for the kids, all of which they love and have even taken to their quiet time and bed time to read: School in a Box, Lauri Magnet Set (big winner), Life of Fred: Apples, 123 Build It!, and the honorable mention of watercolor crayons. Needless to say it's been a fun week around here. 
  • Usborne Books & More president Randall White was on NPR and in the New York Times talking about why Usborne is a debt-free business, and why they pulled out of Amazon. In the few months of working with Usborne, I have been very impressed. 
  • So excited my favorite foodie blog (and winner of the "most beautiful EVER" award) is in the process of making a cookbook!
  • We recently watched The Hunger Games with some friends of ours. Now I NEED to read those books!
  • A few friends of ours have created a local art phenomena: a a house...with their friends writing the stories, composing the music, and gathering a noteworthy attendance over the last few years. They're an ambitious bunch and I'm hoping to finally catch one of their shows this year! 
  • My sister in law has been working hard refinishing discarded furniture and making it beautiful. She has just opened her etsy business Get Nested, and her products are amazing! Beautiful and well-done, they are thoughtful and cute little pieces for the modern decorator. Check her out!
  • What? A birth NEBRASKA? Say it ain't so?! (Actually, say "it's about bloody time!")
  • I posted this on facebook awhile back, but I love how people jump-start something good in their community. For sure. 

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