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Usborne Customer Specials for June


This month there are some amazing customer specials from Usborne Books & More. Every month there is a new selection of 9-10 books that go on discount up to 60%. It's a sweet way to stock up on favorites for a fraction of the price, and this month has some great ones interspersed. The top image, our 365 Things to Make and Do is a big hit with families because there is literally something for everyone in this book. This book is normally $24.99 because it's a big ole' huge hardback, but this month it's on sale for $10. The Usborne "make and do" series are fabulous because they have picture step-by-steps for those children who need instruction but want to do the activity independently, and writing for those able to read concise directions. They also are always projects that use materials that everyone has in their home. Perhaps with the exception of googly-eyes.  If you go to this link, you can even have 2 freebies!

This next book is my personal favorite of all the customer specials because I L-O-V-E their art books. I have never seen a children's publisher that does art history, theory, projects, and design so well as Usborne art books and I put my own money where my mouth is. I have many of them, and this is one I'd love to have for our own shelves, for future reference and inspiration. I could also learn a few things from this mid-level resource, Famous Artists, about artists I don't know very well. This book is made for kids in the age range of 10-16 years old, but an early budding artist would love to scan through the work, read the fun blurbs, and look at the visual eye candy. At $7 on customer special discount, this is a steal!

This Kane Miller picture book is a sweet little French import that I thought Lukka and Anikka might like. Not All Animals Are Blue is an interactive story that mixes story with concepts like connecting the context dots and learning new vocabulary at the same time. For example, one page full of raccoons wearing different colors, doing different activities, asks the reader to choose which raccoon is 'balancing', and which is 'relaxing'. The sentences are also full of text in different colors, matching the animals wearing that color, stimulating visual clues or 'hints' to the answer. A truly unique and fun read for the younger child, this could make a lovely gift. 

If you've been thinking about hosting an Usborne show but are busier through the school year, the summer is a fantastic time to do so. June, July, and August are rumored to be some of our absolute best hostess times as far as gifts or 'extras' given. If you host a show in June, you get $50 MORE in free books along with FREE shipping...a great steal! This means you could easily earn  $110 or way more in FREE Usborne or Kane Miller books of your choosing. Here is the PDF file that you can take a look at to see how that free product increases, and how many books you can choose at 1/2 price. Don't delay because I don't have many open days in June, and I want you to start that collection of literature and non-fiction for your readers!

*Please note all customer specials are able to be received at discount once a customer spends $40. Once you hit $40, you may purchase up to 3 customer specials at the discounted price. For every $40 after, you can pick 3 more, and so on


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