Thursday, May 17, 2012

Usborne Spotlight: Fix It Duck by Jez Alborough


We recently purchased a few of the Jez Alborough "duck" series from the Kane Miller side of Usborne Books & More for a few friends and relatives. I like to have plenty of birthday gifts on hand because it seems we are always getting invited to parties, or a family member has one right around the corner, and it's so nice to just reach into our 'party bin' and pull out a gift that we think the receiver might like!

I chose the one above, Fix It Duck, for a little guy we know and it's a perfect stage for where he's at. It's a board book full of funny characters, a Duck who can't seem to fix anything right, and rhyming lines page after page. I think this will be a book that the child will get a kick out of as Duck is almost the animated character version of Tim the Tool Man Taylor!

The difference between the board books and the story books of the Duck series are definitely length. We also had acquired Super Duck for a friend of Lukka's that had a birthday party recently, and it is a fairly long story! All of the books have really exuberant characters, and the rhyming text, too. I've heard that Gobble Gobble Moo Moo Tractor book is a really fun book to read aloud, though I have yet to see it in the flesh. With the sing-songy story line, these books are sure to have your young child bringing them to you time after time for repeat reads!

What are your favorite read alouds? 


Kayla Joy said...

hey - I loved Usborne books when I was little! They were seriously my faves! I always loved finding the little hidden duckie!

Do you know if they have books written in Spanish? I know they have dictionary/picture books, but what I would really like is some of the same children's books written in Spanish. Is that available?

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

Kayla, we actually have a ton of spanish books, from the Usborne side & the Kane Miller side! I'll send you a facebook message ;)
Sarah M