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Happy Birthday, Little Lukka

camping self-portrait

Happy 5th Birthday, Lukka! Today we celebrate you being in our family and prize the years we've been blessed to call you our son. You have taught me so many things, including what it means to be humble, apologize, and ask for forgiveness. I am often reminded how tender-hearted you are and think it's one of your best traits. You often grab your sister a teddy when she falls and hurts herself, and you're always thinking of how to comfort others when they need it.

You're still inventive as ever, although this past year you've focused more on practical joke inventing than anything. You still make mini machines, forts every other day, and plenty of stories, but your true love is laughter....even if no one else shares in the joke! I often regret how unwilling I am to laugh at your tricks, but to tell you the truth I'm just downright dull and too serious for my own good. You bring out joy and belly laughs when you've hit your funny note, and we love to watch the little dance jigs, and plays you perform for us.

Something you've come to love recently is camping. You, thanks to your father, know how to start a fire in the woods, and you've had your first taste of fishing--with a birthday request for a fishing rod (not pole, but rod, how British dog, Kipper, calls it). I think the next decade is going to be one full of the outdoors--even more than it already has been--because you and Ani love camping so much. You  are so easy to adapt, quick to help with tasks, and other than long car rides (oh honey, you haven't seen anything yet), quite patient with the slower pace of life without outlets. We have plenty to explore together.

As your second school year had come to a close in early April, I knew you'd want to spend almost every day outside for as long as possible, and so we have. Your mind is creative with problem solving, and you're quick to offer suggestions for help, followed by a common phrase, "That was good that I thought that, huh?!" You love to read and although you know how to spell numerous words (and can sound out anything, and spell it with about 80% accuracy), you're still resistant to reading on  your own. I think you just like to cuddle and have mom read to you. That's okay, we have plenty of time for that. In the meantime, you loved White Fang, The Call of the Wild, Winnie the Pooh, and any audio book I could find the most. It shouldn't surprise anyone, you love animals and are so sweet and gentle with even the smallest of animal friends.

Little Lukka, Mom and Dad are so proud of the little man you are. You are growing in your knowledge of who God is, and we are honored He's let us have you awhile. One of the sweetest things we can measure is your childlike faith as you sing the Doxology. Of course patience is tested, time outs are given, teddies taken away, but this chapter of life will soon be gone, and another will replace it with team sports, science fairs, or long weekend fishing trips. Who knows? We hope we can honor you by following your interests and encouraging you to be your full potential, while being good parents--witnesses that show Christ how He loves the church by showing you how much we love you and your sister. We pray that you would remain healthy and safe this upcoming year, and that you'd grow in all ways helpful and honest.

We love you.


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