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Movie Review: W.E.


Of course back to the regular routine means lots of film-watching for the husband and my downtime. We almost always spend 30 minutes an evening watching part of a movie, or at the very least, an episode of one of our favorite Seinfeld seasons. I had wanted to see this movie for a number of months, when I believe, I first saw a preview for it in theaters. I love any type of true stories, add in the  fact that it is about a famous couple from England, in an era (30s-40s) of great style, and that it was directed by Madonna and I was pretty much a shoe in for liking it. 

W.E. stands for "Wallis, Edward", and this is the true story of the King of England who abdicated the thrown for the love of his life in the early 20th century. Wallis was a loud, twice married, and incredibly witty American woman who eased her way into the heart of womanizing and partying Prince Edward. 

The other part of this movie is the present day story of a woman named Wally, of course named after Wallis, who is obsessed with W.E.'s story while dreading her own home and marriage every evening. The two stories, and sometimes characters, intersect, but that doesn't take any from either side. There are two complete stories in this film, and they complement each other well. When I first saw the preview for this, I did not understand that was how the movie was done, but watching the trailer on the site, it's much more clear. 

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves artsy stories, or who can get lost in by-gone eras, and grand productions of all sorts fit for royal families. This story includes topics like infertility and IVF, nudity, domestic violence, drugs, among others, so I'd be discerning. All in all I'd give this film 3 out of 5 stars for prettiness (nominated numerous times for costume, etc.) and a story line about the Royal couple I knew nothing about. Watch the trailer here


Holly said…
I'm sure this movie is an interesting juxtaposition to "The King's Speech". In that movie, the royal heir is certainly not viewed in any way respectable. How much of the movie is committed to pushing the "follow your heart" motif?
Holly, it was interesting seeing the brothers interact, as I've also seen The King's Speech. It definitely is all about that, of course Madonna being Madonna, it shouldn't be surprising. Wallis was actually married to her second husband when she started her affair with P.E., and her husband knew about it (and felt that his hands were tied...). The present day side of the story is also about that, where the woman has an affair because her husband is no good. It's of course made out to be a wonderful thing for both of them, but with it's own set of consequences that are never (usually) shown.

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