Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Celebration!

Source: via Carol on Pinterest

I thought this was an appropriate picture for our Fourth of July because in case you didn't know...I live with 3 Can-Americans! Canada Day is July 1st and I loved that this picture blended the two-just like we also celebrate Canada Day with a snack and some conversation with the kids about where Dad is from!

Happy 4th of July, readers. And remember, we are so blessed to live in the country we do where we have not only our basic needs met, but we can consider ourselves living in luxury with easy computer & internet access, fair wages, job opportunities, freedom to speak our minds, have children without consequences, and rest easy knowing our children and families will not be plagued by hunger and disease taken care of by medicine. We have plenty to be thankful for, let's not forget that. As a friend said, "the rest is just details", and I wholeheartedly agree. Celebrate with those you love today that we can get together, eat delicious food, and enjoy a day off. 

Oh! Happy Canada Day to our Canadian Friends!


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