Thursday, July 26, 2012

Usborne Bookshelf: You Choose

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You Choose by Nick Sharrat and Pippa Goodhart is Ani's very favorite Kane Miller book. The moment I saw this book's insides I saw it's incredible potential. With each page asking children "what would you wear?" or "Which house would you choose?" and the illustrations filling the page with any and every sort of answer, this book is great for the active kid, and makes an excellent gift. 
Ani asks to read this book about 4 times a week, usually for a bedtime story, which she then sneaks into her room for her quiet time.

There is no real 'story' to this paperback, but just questions on every page with imaginative 'answers' in the form of pictures that the child has to point out [their favorite option]. From "who would you want for family and friends?" to "What kind of bed would you sleep in?", this book is a great crowd pleaser and inclusive of everyone getting a turn 'to play'. 

I see a lot of potential in this extra-large-size paperback as a great home-schooling tool. I plan on using these questions as writing prompts, drawing exercises, story lines and geography lessons. This book has so many fun options to do with it, I could easily write a curriculum just using this book in a myriad of ways. If you ever find yourself with a few extra tots on hand, too, whether your babysitting for a friend, or work at a day-care, you NEED to read this book to the group. It will give the children practice in waiting for their turn, and making choices of preference. For $7.99 for this book, it is an excellent buy! 

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