Monday, July 30, 2012

Visual Monday: Knitting

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I am starting my Christmas knits for the kids in August, because I have to. I need a lot of time to finish a sweater and a knit dress, and a special surprise up my sleeve, too. I started {Visual Monday} almost 18 months ago and since my first one was about knitting, I thought I'd end it there, too. Oh yeah, that, and the fact that I am trying to push this horrid summer out the back door with my needles! 

*This will be my last {Visual Monday} post due to increasing issues with pinterest as a photo source. Of course, my use is purely to pass on visual inspiration, and most pins I check that they go back to the original source (or insert it when it's my own external pin) but I'll leave that for my Pinterest boards. If you'd still like to follow me there, you can click the tab over on the left-hand side bar, or follow me HERE. *


Kaitlyn said...

booo, I meant to razz you the other day about not blogging. Get back on it. I would probably buy more books from you if you did :)

Jedidja said...

O, beautiful pics. Love it.

Janelle T said...

Wow, those are HUGE needles!