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28 Things Before 29

Lukka tossing a stone into the Oakanagan Lake up in Peachland, British Columbia

Every year I make a small bucket list of fun, silly, or intentional things I want to be spending my time on through the year. I add one thing to the list per year after my birthday. Since I just had my 28th birthday in March, this year's list is called "28 Before 29". These things aren't necessarily huge, significant, or always growths in certain areas, just ways for me to focus sparse free time. People who always say "I wish I had time for that" actually do have time, they just don't organize, plan, and capitalize on it like they might want to. These yearly lists help me do exactly that. 

Quite a few of these have been crossed off already, and three or four more will be crossed off within the month when my mom and her husband visit at the end of July! I have a life-long bucket list, but those are goals that might take 5-year increments, or even longer, to achieve. Research shows us that achieving small goals is good for morale and helps us get closer to those huge goals. 

What would be on your yearly list? 

1) Watch Of Gods & Men 
2) make a maxi skirt for myself 
3) go on a hike in my vibrams 
4) knit mittens for the kids
5) make my own yogurt
6) sew a turban headband 
7) make Easter eggs with the kids
8) take a ferry 
9) finish knitting Ani's dress & Lu's fisherman sweater
10) read The Element (took me 3 years!)
11) go on the Capilano Suspension bridge
12) start making my own thank-you cards again once I run out
13) pick berries from a farm with the kids
14) go to a concert with Stefan (in the works!)
15) Learn to fishtail braid
16) go canoeing or kayaking with the family
17) BUY A NEW CAMERA (on year 5 here, people)
18) make a set of napkins & tablecloth
19) try fish-n-chips
20) make chocolate chip merengues a la Giada
21) go to a Washington State park for a day trip
22) See the tulip festival
23) bike along a coastal area (Stanley Park!)
24) get a bouquet of flowers at Pike Street Market in Seattle
25) hike in the Canadian mountains
26) make 1 item of clothing for both kids
27) go sailing (soon!)
28) learn to skateboard with Stefan's longboard (ongoing...)


Kerri said…
I think you should take a ferry to come visit me, and we can make napkins and a tablecloth, and eat fish and chips together. Three things knocked off. Boom. :)
Sarah M said…
excellent idea, Kerri!! Let's plan a fall Saturday, would that be alright?!
Kerri said…
Sounds great! It's a plan!
Kaitlyn said…
Sarah, I am so jealous of you and the beautiful scenery that you are taking in every day. Happy for you that you finally got there. Maybe I should start making me some lists and goals. I feel like I just skid through life sometimes. Your family is beautiful and you are a great mom.

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