Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrating Eight Years

 Today Stefan and I are celebrating eight years of marriage. Eight isn't fancy or 'special' by any means, but it's another notch, another milestone, and worth celebrating. We were able to go out for dinner and down to the Blaine pier on a date last night, but these photos are from the previous month's date, when we spied a huge 'full sky' rainbow with a beautiful sunset. 

 Stefan had been on this side of the marina, but I never had. I had never even seen it before! It was a nice boardwalk that extended to the end of the marina, with benches, railings, and some tourist information. A nice walk along the water, just on the opposite side I was used to. 

 Isn't that just a beautiful rainbow? Unfortunately the iphone Stefan has couldn't take a picture of the entire sky with the rainbow in it--we would have had to be in the water to get that shot! After eating dinner this evening, we bought some favorite chocolate (dark for him, peanut butter M&Ms for me) and took a stroll along the boardwalk. 

 Rainbows are sometimes flighty things, and you can just see the tiniest ripple of color in the sky when you're moving along, usually in a car. This was a solid arc with every single color quite visible. The day had been sunny, but just while we were there,  it started to sprinkle. The sun was still out--which reminded me of Springtime Nebraska weather--sunny skies with rain. The requirements for a rainbow. 

This month, we went to a different little town for dinner, and just sat around and talked without interruption. It was nice, but the two hours always goes by so fast. We're grateful we've found a wonderful babysitter whom the kids love to see once a month. We talked about what were the small goals of the next year or so, and some of our favorite memories over the past near-decade. 

 Since we recently relocated, fulfilling a large goal, we're focusing on small things these next few years or slowly gaining traction on bigger goals that are years off. Included in that would be applying for Canadian residency, continue to manage our finances, and start up a savings account for a bigger goal--Scotland 2015--our 10th anniversary. We talked about big goals like travelling with kids and house goals, but mostly we just enjoyed each other's company and were thankful for the past 8 years. 


affectioknit said...

Congratulations and Blessings!

~Have a lovely day!

mamateach said...

You all look great. Glad you are all doing well and enjoying the new location. Hope the new school year is off to a wonderful start. You are missed here, but happy your new home is fitting well.