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Ottobre Package -- Happy Mail!

A month or two ago, I won a giveaway package from a sponsor on Soulemama's blog. The sponsor for the weekend was  Ottobre Design and boy did I get lucky! It's always fun to win giveaways online, and I have definitely won my fair share of them. I've won books, fabric, jewelry, and e-courses, and I am grateful for the opportunity to get something for nothing (or rather, just a comment on a blog post). 

I was so amazed with Ottobre's generous package I decided to take a picture and put it here on the blog, so they get a bit of free advertising. The staff member who contacted me for my address asked what age and gender my kids were, so she could put fabrics and items that would match. Since Ottobre Design is based out of Finland, the package took so long to get here, but of course it was worth the wait! I remember that I had waited a long time for an Ottobre Design magazine a few years ago when I ordered it for a few adorable children's clothing pieces. When I received it, I was very intimidated by the patterns, but the designs were SO cute. I don't often keep magazines but I did keep that one for future use. 

Within the package, worth over 100Euros (about $133.00+), was an assortment of ribbing colors (the solids), beautiful knits in patterns ranging from robots, rainy days, stripes, etc., and a lot of useful sewing notions like a set of Gutermann threads (my personal favorite), Swedish tracing paper, and even other little bits and bobs that I'd never seen nor worked with. 

I haven't made anything with the fabric yet. I imagine the thread will be first to go. I almost can't bear to cut into that rainy day fabric. It's the type of fabric you save for years before the perfect opportunity arises. I was also so happy to get solid ribbing. I've never bought it before but I don't have anything like it in my stash--or I didn't. The stripes, I'm thinking, might become a matching maxi skirt for the girl (pink) and myself (the navy), or pencil skirts. Thank you, Ottobre, for your generous gift! 


Kaitlyn said…
um jealous!!!! The rain one?! swoon. You lucky shit. You always win giveaways.

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