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Podcasts I Love

I am not an auditory learner. I like to read and write, and I learn best by sitting in the front of the class, reading the chapters I'll  be quizzed on, and answering the study questions for practice. So when a friend of mine told me she likes to listen to podcasts while she's doing chores around the home, my first inclination was, "well, I can't do that. I wouldn't be able to pay attention". I thought my visual stimulation would take over and cloud the audio, and I wouldn't be able to keep up. 

After awhile, she convinced me to try one out. I also found out that Stefan was listening to a favorite pastor of ours on a weekly podcast he signed up for. Since I'm an information junkie, I was totally hooked after one stretch of 37 minutes. I had always hated radio personalities, I found their conversation uninteresting and a waste of my time. Once I found podcasts that were relevant to me, then I was hooked. Why yes, I would love to hear interviews about scientists, authors, and creators seen through the lens of spirituality. You know, especially while I'm folding underwear and stuffing socks into pairs. 

*NPR's ON BEING with Krista Tippett - This podcast comes out every Wednesday and has a wide gamut of interviewees. Krista has a lovely radio voice and asks great questions to her guests. They are usually (not always) scientists, religious workers, activists, and artists who talk about their view of spirituality and the world. It's very different week to week and I always learn something. 

*Inspired to Action podcast - The host of this show is Kat Lee, who is a mom and a blogger and writes mostly about goals, encouragement, and the home with a can-do attitude. She has an interview every week, and because of the time, often 35-45 minutes, this is my weekly bike podcast. I hop on my spinning bike for the entire podcast and get a workout in while listening. The topics are always interesting to me, helpful, and upbeat. 

*The Art of Simple with Tsh Oxenreider is another favorite. This is a completely frivolous podcast that I like to listen to in bits and spurts while doing things like laundry or dishes. Tasks that are otherwise boring or tedious, become fun with a silly reward like this. I love Tsh's two blogs, The Art of Simple, and Tsh, and she just talks with her friends, a slew of about 20 different co-hosts, on this blog about silly stuff, things their reading, movies they are watching, parenting adventures, and what's going on in their lives. 

*Lincoln Berean Sermons - Stefan and I went to this church back in Lincoln when we were first married. While we attended the college hour and not 'big church', which the sermons are from, we love to listen to these every week. The sermon series are always on a book of the bible (for as many weeks as it takes) but it also is very topical and easy to digest and follow along. There is a certain sermon I listen to, Bryan Clark's "Grace At Home" that I listen to once a year. It's that good that I have it on the calendar every February. 

*Brain Burps with Katie Davis - This is the last podcast that I've come across that I've started listening to. Katie Davis is a children's author, and a 'writerpreneur', helping her writing and her business connect. I listen to this because I find the tips of the trade, the interviews with others in the market, and the topics relevant to what I'm currently working on in my free time, kid-lit. This podcast can get quite long at times, so I take it in little spurts, but it's been very helpful to learn some things about traditional publishing that I didn't know about before, and getting to know a bit of the community of children's writers, editors, and publishers. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts with you, ones I try to hit every week. What I'm also interested in, though, is getting the links of podcasts YOU all like. Once you've read, leave me a link with your favorite podcast. What do you like about it? Let's Little Free Library it--you take one, you give one. 


Victoria Wilson said…
Thank you for sharing! I've listened to Kat Lee and Tsh before, but hadn't heard of the others :) Been looking for good podcasts with a baby on my hands.
Victoria Wilson said…
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