Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Beauty for Spring Break

This week is Blaine Public School's Spring Break, and although we have continued to homeschool (best time to continue is when there are no outside activities going on!), we have finished up early every morning to enjoy some solid time with friends playing outside and exploring together. This was Tuesday, when we drove to Bellingham with some friends, and took a 1.3 mile hike to Teddy Bear Cove, and the kids played for hours while the moms basked in the sunshine and beauty of the area. What an awesome spot! 
There was even a large boulder area that the kids loved exploring, and we barely saw them except for water every 30 minutes or so, and a few bites of their picnic lunch in between running and climbing. The only unfortunate thing about these pictures is I don't have a panoramic lens, because you just simply can't capture the beauty of a surrounding area with little snapshots. Water, beach, rocks, and trees. It's just breathtaking. The sunshine did all of us so much good.


Olivia said...

While looking at the photographs I thought to myself... "I bet that's Washington." And when I read Bellingham I felt proud, haha! I use to be a flight attendant who had the red eye into Bellingham airport a lot.

We're in the Ohio area. What a beautiful way to spend a day with your kids and friends.

Sarah M said...

Good eye, Olivia!

twomuseshomeschool said...

Wow! Soo gorgeous! I cry a little inside when I see pics like that when I live where I live. Dallas. Hot. Ugly. Flat. Enjoy it! :) We hope to move to the pacific northwest sometime in ours lives. Most people I know that live here are planning a move in their dreams every summer.

Steph G said...

So pretty!