Friday, November 14, 2014

Around Here // A Family Diary Update

Just a simple way to update family and friends of kid pictures, and what's going on in day-to-day life. Inspired by Kara's weekly journal day book entries.  

 Ani & Lu with their chosen pumpkins at God's Little Acre Farm field trip

Outside my window: It's 4:51 and it's nearly dark. The blackness will set in within the next twenty minutes. The last night hovering just above our property tree line.

I am thinking: The kids have 8 minutes left of quiet time, and I need to get dinner started.

I am thankful: for the quiet of afternoon rest times and cold nights at home

Ani and Lukka riding a scooter in "The Philippines" (or the Seattle Children's Museum)

I am wearing: About 5 items I've had for almost 10 years. I need new clothes. 

I am creating: this blog post and Christmas bags (for sale next week!)

I am going: to make butter chicken for dinner. Thank you Costco sauce.

Ani working on lace-up cards on the front porch in late summer

I am wondering: how this whole mess with our old property management company will go. I'm trying not to think about it.

I am reading: Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey, and Leadership Education by Olivier DeMille

I am learning: how to call myself an artist and a writer (double cringe), and working again, toward artistic goals without shame, hostility, and procrastination

Hardhat Lu working at the Seattle Children's Museum

Around the house: some laundry waiting to be put away, a space heater, finished (but yet to be photographed) sewn Christmas gifts, a freezing cold bonus room (you can see your breath!)

In the kitchen: are the ingredients, sitting out, for imitation and gluten free Starbuck's Cranberry Bliss Bars for a little get together tomorrow. I need to get to that tonight. 

I am pondering: how the first Portfolio Presentation will go, on Sunday, with our homeschooling teacher

Lukka exploring the beekeeper equipment at The Honeybee Centre

One of my favorite things: is watching an episode (or two!) of Gilmore Girls on netflix nearly every afternoon. I completely take rest time very seriously.

A few plans for the week: 
* outside play time (1-2 hours a day) whenever the sun is shining
*a walk with a friend to Starbucks for an end-of-week treat
*girl time with a good friend and loosing my Anne of Green Gables the movie virginity
*getting our new car insured 
*finishing up sewn Christmas bag sets
*gathering everything for the kids' homeschooling portfolios 
*reading a few hours

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PippaDavies said...

Hey love your blog! I am thinking you are an HCOS mum? :) How was Jesus Feminist? it sounds interesting and wondering if the topic is as good as the book? Blessings Pippa TL for HCOS